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Passenger Guide
Ensuring hassle-free journey for every passenger at Delhi Airport.

departing passengers

Plan each step of your journey to ensure the best experience
01Confirm your flight

Passengers receive a confirmation mail from the airline after the booking is complete. Check confirmation mail to ensure flight schedule. Remember to look up the airline's regulations.

03Arrive Early

Arriving at the airport two hours before departure is a must for most airlines, however do check with your specific airline for the time required to be at the airport, before your flight's scheduled departure.

01Find your Gate

After you pass through the security check, check your boarding pass for the gate your plane is departing from and wait near the gate for announcements to board the flight. If you have trouble locating your gate, ask an Airport Employee for assistance.

02Stock up Food and Drink

Some Airlines do not serve food and drinks. If you are carrying packed food, ensure to pack it carefully, to avoid any mess.

03Wait for your final Call

Once you have located the gate and settled, check on the display screens for your boarding flights details

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