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Passenger Guide
Ensuring hassle-free journey for every passenger at Delhi Airport.

Departing Passengers Guide

Embarking on a smooth and hassle-free journey from Delhi Airport!
01Before Leaving Home

  • Check Flight Confirmation Mail: Passengers receive a confirmation mail from the airline after the ticket booking is complete. Check the confirmation email to ensure the flight schedule.
  • Read Airline's Regulations: Look up the airline's regulations. Pay special attention to the baggage guidelines, including the weight limit and restrictions.
  • Do Web check-in: Complete Web check-in by visiting the airline’s website before leaving home.
  • Check Flight Status: Visit the Delhi Airport’s Flight Status Tracker to know whether the flight is on time.
  • Read Weather Advisory: Check the weather advisory at Delhi Airport’s Twitter handle. For more details about your flight timings, contact the airline and plan accordingly.
  • Check On-ground Traffic: Look up the on-ground traffic at Delhi Airport and get an idea of the estimated wait time at the queues.
  • Special Assistance: If you or someone you are travelling with needs special assistance at the airport, please visit this page.
  • Contact the Airline: Talk to your airline for any requisite information.

Pro Tip: To ensure a hassle-free departure from Delhi Airport, consider booking the Meet and Greet service that offers concierge facility, airport assistance, porter service, airport transfer and much more.

02Pack Your Travel Documents

  • Carry Valid Identification: Passengers are not allowed to board their flight without valid identification and a ticket. For domestic flights, a document of identity is a must. For international flights, a passport is mandatory.
  • Travelling Without ID: If you arrive at the Airport without an ID, you will need to fill out a form/forms and present any other form of identification and may be required to go through additional security screening.
  • Travellers Under 18: While travellers under 18 accompanied by adults need not show any proof of identity, those flying unaccompanied must carry the requisite forms as mentioned by the airline.
  • Register for DigiYatra: If you are travelling domestically, register for DigiYatra, a decentralised mobile-based ID storage platform where air travellers can save their IDs and travel documents for a quick and hassle-free contactless journey.
  • Have Documents Handy: Other passengers, whether travelling domestic or international, are advised to keep their documents handy.
03Arriving at Delhi Airport

  • Reaching Delhi Airport: There are several ways to reach Delhi Airport. You can drive, book a cab, get a taxi or bus, or travel via Delhi Metro. To know more about the commute options, click here.
  • Pre-book Parking: If you are driving yourself to Delhi Airport, pre-book airport parking in advance for a hassle-free experience.
  • Arrive Early at the Airport: Most airlines recommend flyers to reach 2-3 hours before for domestic flights and 2-4 hours early for international flights. However, you should check with your respective airline for specific instructions.
01Upon Reaching the Airport

  • Find Your Airline: After reaching the airport, locate your airline and departure terminal (Terminal 1, Terminal 2 or Terminal 3). You can find this information on your air ticket.
  • Airport Entry: If you are flying domestic and have enrolled for DigiYatra, use the dedicated gates at entry of T2 & T3. You can also register for ‘Single Use DigiYatra’ at Delhi Airport itself. Alternatively, non-DigiYatra passengers can use other gates.
  • Avail of Porter Service: Passengers seeking assistance with their baggage are advised to use the Porter service to bid farewell to their baggage woes.
  • Connect to free Wi-Fi: After entering the airport, connect to the free Wi-Fi at Delhi Airport to stay connected with your friends and family.
  • Airport Announcements: Pay attention to the airport announcements and check flight information display screens for updates.
02Check-in your Bags

  • Check-in at Airport Kiosk: Flyers who missed web check-in can do so with the airport kiosk. Enter your PNR number, select seat, read and agree to the conditions.
  • Check-in Counter: If you have more than one handheld and one carry-on baggage or decided to not complete web check-in, visit the airline’s check-in counter to drop off your luggage.
  • Self Baggage Drop: If travelling via T3, opt for the self-baggage drop facility instead of waiting in queues for airline baggage check-in.
  • Excess Baggage: If you are flying with excess luggage, use the Excess Baggage Delivery Service at T3 departure near Gate No. 4 to save time and hassle.
  • Other Baggage Services: Baggage Pickup & Drop Service and Baggage Wrapping Service
03Get Your Boarding Pass

  • Get Boarding Pass: A boarding pass is issued once your baggage is checked-in and your ticket is verified. If you are travelling with just hand luggage, a boarding pass will be issued after verifying your ticket.
  • Printing Boarding Pass: The boarding pass can be printed at the check-in kiosks at Delhi Airport.

  • Security Gates: Regardless of your airline, you will need to go through airport security before boarding the flight. DigiYatris can use the dedicated gates at the security check area for a seamless process. Alternatively, non-DigiYatra passengers can use other gates.
  • Luggage Checking: Your hand luggage will be checked thoroughly.
  • Use One Tray: At the security check area, keep all your electronic and personal items in one tray. Avoid using multiple trays to facilitate quicker security checks.
  • Remove Outerwear: Remove all your outerwear like your jacket, sweater, coat, hat and any high-cut footwear.
  • Hand Luggage Guidelines: Avoid carrying articles like nail cutters, scissors, swiss knives, and batteries in hand luggage. Generally, liquids more than 100ml are not permitted. If you must carry fluids (medicines, lotions, etc.) they should be carefully packed and carried in your check-in baggage.
  • Metal Objects: All metal objects like belts, keys, pens, and wallets need to be passed through the x-ray machine.
  • Customs: Please click the link to find customs-related information.
01Find your Gate

  • Find Departure Gate: After passing through the security check, review your boarding pass to find the departure gate. Wait near the gate for announcements about boarding the flight. If you struggle to find your gate, seek assistance from an airport employee.
02Stock up on Food and Drinks

  • Get Something to Eat: Some airlines do not serve food and drinks. You can grab a cup of coffee and something to eat at the dining outlets at the airport. Whether you want snacks or a three-course meal, DEL has got you covered.
  • Wrap Your Food: If you are carrying something to eat during the journey, ensure to wrap it carefully to avoid any mess.
03Wait for Your Final Call

  • Check Display Screens: Once you have located the gate and settled, check on the display screens for your boarding flight details.
  • Charging Stations: While waiting for your flight, you can connect your devices, including your phones and laptops to the charging station for a pleasant flight experience.
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