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Faster, Safer, Greener: DigiYatra's Impact on Delhi Airport Travel

Faster, Safer, Greener: DigiYatra's Impact on Delhi Airport Travel

05th April 2023

Delhi Airport is among the first few airports in India that are ready with the facial recognition system, DigiYatra. This unique initiative by the Ministry of Civil Aviation is the right step towards transforming the nation into a digitally empowered society as part of the Digital India Initiative.

DigiYatra aims to help passengers breeze through check-in by making your face act as your ID and boarding pass. The faster, safer, and greener initiative is now available at T2 and T3 terminals at Delhi Airport to ensure a seamless and hassle-free travel experience for flyers.

Here is how DigiYatra can enhance your airport experience when travelling from IGIA!

A quick glance at how DigiYatra can ensure seamless travel

DigiYatra provides a contactless, seamless and hassle-free travel experience with enhanced security. It links your boarding pass to the facial recognition system to confirm your identity. The decentralised ID-saving platform simplifies terminal entry and security clearance for a better airport experience.

Using facial recognition technology, DigiYatra ensures faster mobility to boarding gates, hassle-free travel, and enhanced security while being completely contactless.

DigiYatra was available at limited gates at T3 till last month, DIAL has now rolled out the facility at all entry gates of Terminal 2 & Terminal 3, as per the earlier announcement. The installation of the DigiYatra infrastructure at T3 and T2 is expected to allow around 40 per cent of the daily domestic travellers to get seamless entry into the terminal, security check area, and boarding gates. DIAL is also setting up DigiYatra-enabled entry gates at T1 that will likely become operational soon.

How can DigiYatra contribute to faster, safer, and greener travelling?

Here are a few benefits of using DigiYatra explained in detail:

Faster Check-in:

The entry and boarding gates at the T2 and T3 are now DigiYatra-enabled. Flyers using this facility can be benefitted from easy and hassle-free check-in as you can now breeze through the process, thanks to the dedicated DigiYatra gates. Also, the service can ensure faster mobility by allowing passengers to save 15-25 minutes of their time from entry to security checks.

Green Approach:

In line with India’s vision to be a carbon-neutral nation by 2070, DigiYatra encourages passengers to travel paperless. The documents are stored online on a decentralised ID storage platform, so the flyers do not need to carry their identification documents physically. Thus, the paperless Digital India Initiative encourages green travel.

Ensures Safety:

The credentials shared by passengers on the DigiYatra app remain on their mobile phones. It is not saved anywhere, as DigiYatra is designed on the concept of privacy by design. Also, all details offered by passengers for their travel with the airport are automatically purged soon after the flight takes off. DigiYatra thus supports safe tourism.

How can you enrol for DigiYatra?

  • Download & install the DigiYatra app (from Google Play Store or Apple App Store) on your phone and register using your contact number
  • Next, you are asked to link your credentials using DigiLocker or offline Aadhaar
  • Post-linking the Aadhaar, you are prompted to take a selfie and upload the application
  • For the final step, you are asked to update your boarding pass on DigiYatra App and share it with the departure airport

Linking of DigiYatra app and Digilocker is a one-time process. No need to link your documents every time. Just add your boarding pass, and you are good to go.

How can you use DigiYatra at the airport?

Once you have completed the enrollment process, you need to follow these steps in a sequence to use DigiYatra successfully. Skipping any of the given steps can prevent you from availing of the benefits of DigiYatra.

  • Step 1: Go to the entry e-gate and scan your bar-coded boarding pass. Look at the facial recognition system at the gate and enter after successful validation.
  • Step 2: After dropping your bags at the check-in, go to the DigiYatra gate and look into the camera. The e-gate will allow entry and let you in for a security check.
  • Step 3: At the last stage, use DigiYatra to pass through the boarding gate.

DigiYatra is a beneficial initiative for air passengers that can reduce your wait time and make the boarding process faster. It is a vital step towards creating a digitally empowered society that will promote paperless and limited-contact travel.

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