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Delhi Airport Cargo Recrosses the Golden Milestone of 1 Million Metric Ton

Delhi Airport Cargo Recrosses the Golden Milestone of 1 Million Metric Ton

19 April 2024

From its humble beginnings in 2006 to recrossing the mark of 1 Million Metric Ton (MMT) for the Financial Year (FY) 2023-24, Delhi Airport Cargo has come a long way in its journey. However, cargo tonnage dipped due to the global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. After 5 years, the Cargo division has achieved this impressive feat for the second time, reaffirming its position as the best cargo hub in India.

More about Cargo Services at Delhi Airport

Located in the capital city of India, Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) in Delhi is the preferred Air Cargo Hub of India due to its strategic location, hosting elaborate infrastructure and efficient air cargo handling services.

The cargo facility at Delhi Airport is spread across an area of 150 acres comprising state-of-the-art infrastructure, 2 integrated cargo terminals, 3 on-airport logistics centers, and the largest airline network connecting 67 International and 79 Domestic destinations served by 65+ air carriers and 20+ freighter airlines.

Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), which is situated in Delhi, the nation's capital, is the country's chosen air cargo hub because of its advantageous location, sophisticated infrastructure, and effective air cargo handling services.

Making Operations Efficient

This achievement is a testament to Delhi Airport's unwavering focus on addressing key industry challenges. We have built a strong foundation to strengthen & accelerate the operations. Here's a glimpse into our strategic approach:

  • Enhancing Capacity: Delhi Airport's ongoing capacity expansion initiatives cater to the evolving needs of the cargo community. This includes greenfield and brownfield projects to optimise infrastructure.
  • Technological Advancements: Delhi Airport prioritises digitalization and customer-centric projects, like e-IDG & e-Token, e-FORM NSO Slot Management, TEC Creation & Online ULD Alert, Sector TP Process etc.

Beyond capacity and technology, Delhi Airport has taken significant strides in establishing itself as a premier cargo hub:

  • Bangladesh Cargo Transshipment: Delhi Airport serves as a vital link for Bangladeshi exports, offering a faster and more cost-efficient route to international markets.
  • New Freighter Inductions & Revived Routes: Proactively addressing pandemic and geopolitical challenges, Delhi Airport successfully anchored five new freighters and revived key routes that were previously closed. This strategic move fuels connectivity and expands cargo handling capabilities.
  • Infrastructure Projects: Key infrastructure projects like the inauguration of the fourth runway, Eastern Cross Taxi Bay, ACLC III, and Cargo Public Amenity Center bolster operational efficiency and cater to future growth.

Delhi Airport continues to be a strong and dependable partner for cargo stakeholders by emphasising growth, innovation, and cooperation.

The Road Ahead

The future of Delhi Airport Cargo is as bright as its achievements. Here is a glimpse of its two important initiatives:

  • Freight Consolidation Centre: This revenue-generating center will utilize 30.5 acres within the airport premises.
  • FTWZ in Cargo City and FCC: The development of a Special Economic Zone within Cargo City and FCC aims to attract investment through supportive policies.
  • Cargo City: A dedicated 20-acre zone featuring shared facilities, a public amenities center, and a cargo bypass road.

By focusing on growth, innovation, and collaboration, Delhi Airport remains a strong and reliable partner for cargo stakeholders, well-positioned to support India's ambitious goal of achieving 10 MMT by 2030.

However, that is not all. The Cargo City is an all-encompassing center that features Aero Hub–a Public Amenities Complex.

Aero Hub: Get Unmatched World-Class Facilities

Delhi Airport's new Aero Hub at Cargo City prioritizes a stress-free travel experience, catering specifically to cargo service partners. The hub boasts top-rate amenities, including a diverse food court featuring international brands like KFC and McDonald's, as well as regional Indian cuisine options like Dasaprakash, Hong's Kitchen, and Bikanerwala.

Beyond food, it offers a specialized stationery section and ample parking, with plans to introduce ATMs and banking services soon. The Aero Hub aims to provide convenience and accessibility for all its users, evolving to meet their needs.

In Conclusion

Delhi Airport Cargo triumphs again, crossing the 1 Million Metric Ton milestone! This achievement highlights their commitment to innovation and growth. Their world-class facilities and Cargo City amenities ensure a smooth experience for all cargo partners. Partner with Delhi Airport Cargo for a successful journey!

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