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Welcome to Convenience: Unveiling Aero Hub - A Public Amenities Complex at Cargo City, Delhi Airport

Welcome to Convenience: Unveiling Aero Hub - A Public Amenities Complex at Cargo City, Delhi Airport

4 April 2024

Delhi Airport is committed to delivering all visitors a seamless and stress-free experience. In pursuit of this objective, DEL has recently unveiled Aero Hub – a Public Amenities Complex at Cargo City. This meticulously designed facility is a game-changer, catering specifically to the needs of our esteemed cargo service partners. With a focus on providing top-notch amenities, the Aero Hub sets a new standard for convenience, ensuring that our trade and service partners have access to world-class facilities unmatched elsewhere.

Here is all you need to know about the Aero Hub at Cargo City, Delhi Airport!

A Culinary Oasis Awaits

Long hours and demanding schedules often leave little time for proper meals. So, Aero Hub is designed with a stellar food court featuring a line-up of favourites. Indulge in the familiar comfort of global brands like McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and KFC.

Craving something with a local touch? We have got you covered with popular Indian eateries like Bikanerwala, Hong's Kitchen, Dasaprakash and more. This diverse selection ensures there's something to tantalise everyone's taste buds. Additionally, the presence of well-maintained washrooms ensures your basic hygiene needs are met.

And here is the cherry on top: Aero Hub houses the world's 5th airport drive-thru McDonald's. And the world's 1st drive-thru McDonald's located at an air cargo terminal.

Best of Services Under One Roof

Aero Hub goes far beyond just offering delicious food options. We understand that a productive workday requires more than just sustenance. The Aero Hub helps to meet your office supplies with a dedicated stationary section that keeps you well-equipped for your needs.

Besides, Aero Hub is constantly evolving to serve its users better. We are excited to announce the forthcoming addition of banking services and ATMs within the complex. This eliminates the need for inconvenient off-site trips, allowing you to manage your finances with ease, right at your fingertips.

Seamless Accessibility for Everyone

Accessible from both the city side and the cargo complex, with ample quick parking for passengers, airport employees, cargo users, and service partners, the Aero Hub is designed for seamless accessibility.

The Perfect Stopover for Everyone

Whether you are prepping for your next cargo shipment, seeking a well-deserved break amidst a busy schedule, planning a working lunch with colleagues, gathering your team for a quick celebration, or treating your family to a delicious meal, Aero Hub has you covered.


At the Aero Hub, we are committed to serving passengers and partners every step of the way. We believe that a comfortable, convenient work environment fosters productivity and a positive experience. So, explore Aero Hub and elevate your workday at Delhi Airport Cargo.

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