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Caring for All: Making Travel Effortless for Flyers with Special Needs at DEL

Caring for All: Making Travel Effortless for Flyers with Special Needs at DEL

3 April 2024

Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL), a bustling hub of connectivity, welcomes travellers from all walks of life. Every year millions of flyers travel via Delhi Airport to their destination. To ensure all these passengers flying to or from the airport, including those with special needs, have a seamless experience, Delhi Airport provides many valuable services.

For passengers with mobility challenges or flyers who need a bit more assistance or time, Delhi Airport goes the extra mile to ensure all their special needs are met. Read more to discover how DEL is breaking barriers to ensure a comfortable and easy experience for flyers requiring extra assistance. Here you go!

PRM Support for Flyers with Special Needs at Delhi Airport

Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) and special needs, including elderly travellers, pregnant women, passengers travelling with infants, people with physical disabilities/impairments or any condition that affects their mobility, can use the special assistance for the PRM facility. Flyers availing of this service are provided with necessary assistance tailored according to their needs so they can breeze through the airport processes. Here is a glance at the PRM support facilities available at DEL:

A) Wheelchair Assistance

All the airlines at Delhi Airport provide wheelchair assistance to the PRM passengers. To avail of the facility, passengers need to check the box for assistance during the ticket booking stage. Once the PRM flyer has arrived at the airport, they can contact the airline for wheelchair assistance at the Departure forecourt. Here are the contact details:

  • Terminal 1: Meet and Assist counter (opposite Gate 3)
  • Terminal 2: PRM phones are available in front of Gates 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Terminal 3: Opposite and in between Gate 2 & 3 at lane 1 and in front of Departure Entry Gates at lanes 2 and 3

B) Buggy Service

The buggy service at Delhi Airport is a free-of-cost battery cart facility to help passengers navigate the premises. People with reduced mobility, senior citizens, expecting women and females travelling with infants can avail of this facility for a hassle-free travel experience. Both arrival and departure passengers can avail of the buggy service at pier junctions (on request) to and from their boarding gate.

C) Dedicated Lanes

For passengers with mobility challenges, waiting at the airport lanes for their turn can be a concern. Such flyers can use the dedicated lanes at the Delhi Airport terminals to breeze through the airport journey. This can ensure comfort and a hassle-free journey. Here are the dedicated lanes for the PRM passengers:

  • Terminal 1: All gates at terminal entry and domestic security check prioritise PRM passengers
  • Terminal 2: PRM passengers can use Lane 2 at the Terminal entry. At the domestic security check, all gates prioritise PRM passengers.
  • Terminal 3: PRM flyers can use Gate 3 & 6 at Terminal entry and Zone 5 at domestic security check. A special PRM assistance counter is also available at Immigration.

D) Dedicated Parking Zone

For a pleasant journey, the PRM passengers can use the dedicated parking areas at the terminals. This can ensure a convenient and easy parking experience for them. Here are the designated parking areas for PRM passengers:

  • Terminal 1: Zone B Parking
  • Terminal 3 & 2: MLCP - Level 2

E) PRM Washrooms

Another PRM service that can make the airport experience comfortable for people with reduced mobility is the PRM washroom. All three terminals have special PRM-friendly washrooms equipped with call buttons for assistance.

Other Services at Delhi Airport for Special Flyers:

1. Airport Cruz

Airport Cruz is another invaluable service for passengers with special needs at Delhi Airport. The facility provides wheelchair assistance on a chargeable basis. To avail of the facility, they can make a request at the Airport Cruz counter at T3 Departures. Apart from the elderly, pregnant, and especially abled people, flyers who are not comfortable walking long distances can also request paid wheelchair assistance.

2. Porter Facility

The Porter facility can help make airport travel smooth and stress-free for people with special needs. With this chargeable service, they can forget all their worries about their luggage and travel conveniently. The porter staff assists passengers with special requirements in carrying bags and escorts them to the check-in counter.

The service provides invaluable aid and facilitates a comfortable and efficient travel experience. It enhances accessibility and ensures all passengers can enjoy a seamless airport experience. The porter service is available at the arrival and departure lounges at Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3.

3. Meet and Greet Facility

Another airport assistance service for the elderly and passengers with special needs to navigate the airport with ease is the Meet and Greet service. Here, an assistant is provided to accompany the traveller and take care of everything from airport transfers to baggage assistance so they can fly stress-free.

With the meet and greet service, passengers with special needs can get assistance with airport forecourt pick-up-and-drop, buggy service, baggage handling, porter service, and exclusive lounge access. This service ensures seamless coordination at all points to meet the specific requirements of every traveller.

4. Baby Room

The baby rooms at Delhi Airport can make travel stress-free for passengers travelling with infants. These rooms are constantly sanitised to ensure the health and well-being of the little ones. Travellers flying with kids can avail of the room equipped to change their babies in private. The baby rooms, located at terminals 1, 2, and 3, also have a nursing station so mothers can feed their babies in peace and quiet.

5. Hidden Disability Sunflower

At Delhi Airport, we understand that all the disabilities are not immediately apparent. Approximately, 1 in every 7 people lives with a condition that is invisible. Hidden disabilities include respiratory problems, rare diseases, and chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes. They can be temporary, situational, or permanent.

People with special needs who are dealing with a hidden disability can now voluntarily ask for Sunflower merchandise at Delhi Airport terminals. It is available for collection at the Helpdesks and Information counters located within the terminals. By wearing this lanyard/pin/wristband, individuals with hidden special needs can easily identify themselves and get the necessary help.

Additional facilities to ensure a comfortable journey for special flyers:

  • Delhi Airport has signage at every corner to ensure smooth navigation for flyers with special needs.
  • For the ease of visually impaired people, the lifts at Delhi Airport are equipped with Braille-coded keys.
  • The escalators at Delhi Airport are equipped with verbal safety instructions.
  • Each island at DEL has exclusive check-in counters.
  • Reserved seating areas are available at various locations across the premises.
  • The Delhi Airport staff is trained to enhance the travel experience and can assist specially-abled passengers on request. Flyers can ask them for help at any information desk across the terminal building.

Final Thoughts

At Delhi Airport, we try to ensure that every passenger, regardless of their abilities or requirements, can experience the joy of travel. Therefore, many special services are readily provided at DEL to ensure passengers with special needs travel conveniently and comfortably. By providing a wide array of services, accessibility features, and compassionate assistance, Delhi Airport is doing its bit to make travel inclusive for all.

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