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F.No. AERA/20010/MYTP/DIAL/CP-II/2013-14/Vol. - III Order No. 40/2015-16

NAC Charts

NAC Charts W23 DEL

Delhi Airport Tariff and NAC Chart

The Delhi Airport Tariff and NAC Charts help airlines with the calculation of operating costs. The Notice of Airport Capacity (NAC) aids in determining the availability of space for airline operations within a given period of time. And the Airport’s Tariff has details about the landing, parking, and x-ray baggage charges. By accessing this information, the airlines can get a detailed idea of their running expenses. They can get details on:

  • Landing charges incurred on deplaning both domestic and international flights.
  • The parking and housing charges for parking the aircraft in the open. The charges are calculated by rounding off the part of the hour to the nearest hour.
  • Besides, details on x-ray baggage charges are also outlined. These charges are primarily levied on air passengers. The airlines collect them and pass them on to the airport operator.

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