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Enjoy a safe travel with contactless facilities

Enjoy a safe travel with contactless facilities

27th August 2020
Enjoy a safe travel with contactless facilities

During a time when social distancing and careful sanitization has become the need of the hour, New Delhi Airport has been at the forefront of the same, creating benchmarks as to how safe processes should replace erstwhile operations.

For your travel to be absolutely risk-free while you travel through #Delhi Airport, we have made sure that all Delhi Airport facilities and processes are now contactless, ensuring minimum touch and maximum caution.

The following areas have been transformed with Delhi Airport services enabling contactless facilities to fight the spread of coronavirus:

CUSS Machines

(Contactless Boarding Pass & Bag Tags Print-Out)

As opposed to being touch-friendly earlier, CUSS or Common-Use Self Service Kiosks now respond to mobile interactions like scanning to print out boarding passes and baggage tags to avoid contact during the times of COVID-19 pandemic.

Check-in Counter

(Contactless Boarding Pass Scan)

Earlier, passengers had to share their PNR details through a document. However, all you have to do now is scan your boarding pass at the barcode scanner.

Security Check-In

No stamp needed on Boarding Pass

Delhi Airport facilities have been revamped to provide safe security Check-In. Earlier passengers had to hand over their boarding passes for stamping at the Security Check-in. Now, customers can scan their Boarding pass for the E-gate to open after validation of details with Airline data.


E-Gate is a device that, through a simple scan, validates your boarding pass by checking with Airline data. At the same time, it ensures that passenger-flow is regulated through Automatic flap gates in the Newdelhi Airport.

 Important FAQs about Contactless Travel:

How can one do Contactless check-in?

Due to the COVID-19 situation, MOCA has directed passengers to check-in online at their homes, before entering the airport. In line with the direction, and to enable a truly touchless journey, Delhi Airport services has come out with a series of initiatives to enable a safe experience. Please find more details above.

Why do we need a scanner at the Check-in Counter if someone has already printed the boarding pass through CUSS Kiosk?

Scanners are deployed at all the Check-in counters at Delhi Airport. Our safety processes require the passenger to scan the Boarding pass or barcode/QR code and place the bag on the check-in belt to complete the process.

 Is Delhi Airport the only Indian airport to have an end-to-end contactless departure process?

Yes, only GMR Airports are facilitating a truly end-to-end contactless departure process to ensure safe travel during COVID-19 health crisis.

Now you can #FlySafe, your contactless journey starts at #DelhiAirport

For real-time information visit our Covid 19 page


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