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World Photography Day: Capturing the Spirit of Travel through Your Lens at DEL

World Photography Day: Capturing the Spirit of Travel through Your Lens at DEL

17 August 2023

The art of photography and travel go hand-in-hand. A photograph freezes the best moments from your journeys and captures the true essence of your adventures. It is like recording your escapades and transforming them into unforgettable stories.

Whether it is about exploring hidden alleys or striking funny poses with landmarks, your camera captures all the fun and exhilarating moments. These snapshots become timeless treasures in your travel journal, ready to be revisited whenever you wish to take a stroll down memory lane with your friends, family, or your future self.

So, this World Photography Day (WPD), let’s celebrate the magic of photography and the unique connection it shares with travel. On this occasion, take a shot at capturing the essence of travel right here at Delhi Airport. Freeze your favourite moments of the trip through your lens and create lasting memories!

What is World Photography Day?

What does World Photography Day celebrate?

World Photography Day celebrates the science, art, and rich history of capturing moments through the lens. The event encourages aspiring photographers to shine and honours the skill of freezing thousands of emotions within a single click. On this occasion, photography enthusiasts worldwide unite to revel in the essence of this captivating craft.

When is World Photography Day celebrated?

World Photography Day is celebrated on August 19 every year.

History of the World Photography Day?

World Photography Day traces back to 1837, when two Frenchman, Joseph Nicephore Niepce and Louis Daguerre, gave the first-ever photographic process by inventing the daguerreotype. When the French Academy of Sciences officially announced this invention on January 19, 1837, just ten days afterwards, the French government bought the patent. But, they decided against getting a copyright and gifted the art of photography to the world.

Two years later, in 1839, William Henry Fox Talbot developed a way to simplify clicking pictures. The new method introduced a more versatile process of getting snaps using paper-based print salts.

How can you celebrate World Photography Day at Delhi Airport?

Delhi airport is akin to a mini-city that buzzes with people and life. Through shopping, dining, and lounging facilities, the airport weaves an unforgettable experience for the flyers. Every day Delhi Airport witnesses travellers seeing off their families and reuniting with their loved ones. All these factors make DEL the perfect spot for capturing the true spirit of travel.

Capturing DEL through your lens: What can you click?

Delhi Airport is one of the best and largest airports in the world. If you are wondering what you can capture at DEL, here are a few suggestions:

High-soaring Airplane:

If you aim to touch the skies, you can showcase your zeal and ambitions by clicking shots of planes, skies, or clouds.

Fascinating Artefacts:

The airport also has some interesting artefacts that can be the perfect subjects for your pictures.

Lush Greenery:

The airport and the surrounding spaces are full of lush green plants and beautiful flowers that can be ideal backgrounds for clicking some excellent shots.

Airport Lounges:

Delhi Airport houses many luxurious lounges where travellers can relax and enjoy some quiet time. You can click snaps of yourself or other passengers (with their permission) lounging in these areas.

Culinary Delights:

While enjoying global and local delicacies available at various eateries at Delhi Airport, you can channel the hidden photographer inside you to get some mesmerising shots.

Mindful photography tips for taking pictures at Delhi Airport

When clicking snaps at DEL, be mindful of the following:

  • The best photos include people that add life to the photographs. While capturing candid shots, be considerate of fellow travellers' privacy and ask for their permission before including them in your frames.
  • When photographing security personnel or airport staff, always ask for permission. Make sure your fun doesn’t hamper their work.
  • When clicking pictures at Delhi Airport, ensure the area you are shooting doesn’t restrict photography.
  • Showcase the airport's architectural beauty without causing disruption. Maintain the tranquillity of the space and do not harm the airport property.

Final Thoughts

This August 19, which happens to be World Photography Day, let out your hidden artist and click some awe-inspiring snaps. Capture the travel spirit at Delhi Airport through your lens while following mindful practices. Share your best snaps on social media and tag Delhi Airport!

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