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Winter Travel Packing Hacks: Smart Tips to Pack Light When Flying from Delhi Airport

Winter Travel Packing Hacks: Smart Tips to Pack Light When Flying from Delhi Airport

8 January 2024

The crisp charm of winter beckons for exploration and travel. However, packing light for a winter vacation can be a daunting feat. Sweaters, coats, and all those winter clothes take up so much room! It's hard to fit everything in your bag without going over the airline's limits. Juggling logistics and staying within airline restrictions can feel like running a gauntlet, not enjoying a getaway.

Nonetheless, you still need to carry all your winter essentials when going on a trip. After all, you don't want to be freezing in a foreign land just because you left something crucial behind, right? That's where the art of smart and careful packing comes in.

With these winter travel packing hacks, you can breeze through Delhi Airport feeling light, snug, and ready to conquer any snowy adventure.

Pack Like a Pro: Top Tips for Efficient Winter Vacation Packing

1. Learn the art of layering

During the cold weather, staying warm is the priority. And the simple answer to that is layering. Instead of carrying bulky sweatshirts or jackets, pack layers since they are light and can help you adapt to the changing weather conditions.

A good layering system involves packing a t-shirt, lightweight long-sleeved top, fleece, thermal leggings, trousers, and a packable down jacket. You can wash and dry your base layer (t-shirt) more easily than your sweaters.

If you expect rain at your destination, a lightweight waterproof jacket that packs down in its own sleeve/pocket is an excellent choice. Don’t forget to add scarves, gloves, socks, and hats to your winter packing travel list. They don’t take up much space in your bags.

2. Wear the heaviest clothing on travel days

When flying down to extremely cold areas, you may want to carry a heavy jacket or coat. To make sure they don’t make your luggage heavier than what is manageable, wear your bulky clothes on travel days.

On the day you are flying, put on your jacket, heavy sweater, and coat. You can always remove them and put them in the overhead bin once you have boarded the plane. To further reduce baggage weight, you can stuff your gloves and hats in your jacket pockets.

"The less you pack, the more you experience. Embrace carry-on only for a lighter, happier winter adventure."

- Nomadic Matt

3. Try compression packing cubes

When travelling with a lot of luggage, which is typically the case during winter, make use of the compression packing cube. By effectively compressing all the air out of your winter clothes, they help create additional space in your luggage.

You can fold and pack your clothes to wear during winter vacation in these cubes to save space and reduce wrinkles. By stuffing your base layers and fleece in one cube and leggings and trousers in another, you can keep things more organised in your backpack or duffle bag.

4. Pack your lightest shoes

When travelling during winter, your boots are your best bet for footwear. They keep your feet warm and toasty while helping you make a style statement. Make sure they don’t take up much space in your luggage by wearing them to the airport.

If you need an additional pair of footwear for your trip, pack your practical and lightweight shoes. Consider stuffing in smaller pieces of clothing from your winter items list inside your footwear, like your innerwear, hanky, or socks to save space.

5. Borrow clothes at the destination

Consider borrowing clothes when you are visiting your friends or family. By doing so, you can cut down on your holiday packing list and travel light and easy. Items like jackets and coats are not very size-specific. You can borrow and use them while you are staying with your friends/relatives and wash and return them before leaving.

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Bonus pro tip

  • Double-check your airline's luggage restrictions and fees to avoid costly baggage surprises.
  • Download the Delhi Airport app before you fly. It provides real-time flight information, gate updates, and even maps of the airport, making navigation a breeze.

Essentials for Winter Break Packing List

  • Fitted Sweaters: When travelling, leave your loved oversized sweaters back home. Instead, opt for fitted sweaters made from wool, cashmere, or fleece.
    How many: 2-3 sweaters should last a week.
  • Long-sleeved t-shirts: When layering, your long-sleeved t-shirts are your best bet. They can act as your base layer and can even be washed in the sink.
    How many: Packing 2-4 t-shirts should keep you fresh for a week.
  • Insulating layers: Wearing insulating layers traps the body heat and keeps you warm. Think leggings and lightweight warmers.
    How many: 2-4 should do for a week.
  • Innerwear: While packing things to carry while travelling to cold places, do not forget the basics. Do pack your innerwear.
    How Many: 6-7 pairs to last an entire week.
  • Bottom wear: The best bottom wear options for clothes to wear in winter include jeans and trousers. You can also consider tights, leggings, skirts, and lowers.
    How many: Carrying 2-3 pairs would be enough.
  • Down jacket: The down jackets that can be packed within their sleeves/pockets can keep you warm and toasty even in harsh weather.
    How many: Carry one jacket.
  • Scarves and hats: Scarves and hats can keep your head and neck warm. Plus, they give you a stylish appeal.
    How many: 1 pair of each should sustain you for a week.
  • Gloves and socks: Keeping your hands and feet warm is a must when travelling in winter. Pack sweat-wicking and warm pairs.
    How many: A pair of gloves and 3-4 pairs of socks

What if you have excess luggage but cannot cut down items?

No matter how hard you try, your winter wear simply takes up a lot of space in your luggage. If despite everything, you cannot manage to adhere to the airline luggage limit, don’t fret. When flying via Delhi Airport, you can book the Excess Luggage Delivery Service and forget all about the baggage woes. The budget-friendly service ensures your convenience by dropping your bags directly to your doorstep.

Besides, flyers travelling with heavy luggage can also use the baggage pickup/drop service offered by CarterX and Porter service to resolve luggage logistic problems.

Final Thoughts

Packing light while travelling can be challenging year-round. But, during winters, the struggle increases manifold with bulky jackets, heavy sweaters, scarves, and much more to carry. Packing light not only eases your journey but also leaves enough room for delightful souvenirs. So, as you embark on your winter adventures, keep these tips in mind!

With these winter travel packing hacks, you'll be soaring through Delhi Airport feeling light, prepared, and ready to embrace the magic of a chilly escape. So, grab your warmest layers, a sense of adventure, and get ready to conquer winter, one cozy outfit at a time!

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