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Where retail outlet prices remain grounded.

Where retail outlet prices remain grounded.

22 Nov 2017

Stepping into the world's best airport in the largest airport category, one might expect to almost step into another world. And it is indeed a different place altogether. Within the doors of Delhi Airport, one will find the absolutely modern interiors of a world-class airport, the hustle and bustle of jet-setting world travellers and the calm, contained efficiency of an award winning airport. Another thing one will find within the vast expanses of Delhi Airport is a virtual abundance of clothing, accessories, perfumes, beverages and much more. Considering the venue is one where multiple flights regularly take off into the sky, one might think the prices at the retail outlets inside to be similarly sky high.

However, one would be absolutely wrong in thinking that way. Not only does Delhi Airport have a wide variety of practically anything you can find outside the airport, the prices inside are, at the very least, the same as those outside. And what's more, with the wonderful gift from heaven that is the beautiful concept known as ‘Duty Free', you can even get things at significantly cheaper rates than buying the same items from a posh, or even not-so-posh, Delhi mall. That's not all of course. Thanks to the regular sales and offers that the airport has going on from time to time, you can often get items at steep discounts and even free gifts with lucky coupons.

Of course, when you're purchasing something from an outlet at the world's best airport, you can be absolutely sure that the quality is right up there with the very best. So the next time you're at the airport, whether it's just a business flight or you're heading for a vacation, make some time to walk through the outlets. We guarantee you won't regret it.

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