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Unwire and Unwind: Check Out These Top Travel Destinations Before Turning 40!

Unwire and Unwind: Check Out These Top Travel Destinations Before Turning 40!

February 15, 2023

The urge to travel around the world and explore the unknown is common in youngsters. Most people plan to undertake adventures and check out new destinations when they are in their 20s. It is primarily because of the belief that you are young and thriving during these years. People think that by the time they hit their 30s, they will get old and slow. And this will present a hurdle in their desire to see the world.

But, this philosophy is quite far away from the truth. Your 30s are, in fact, the prime years of your life. At this age, people feel settled. Along with peace and balance, they also have some disposable income, which they can afford to spend on their travel dreams. Your 30s are the sweet spot where you still have the exuberance of youth and wisdom that only comes with experience. So, for travel enthusiasts, we have prepared a listicle mentioning the best destinations they must cover before turning 40. Have a look!

Destinations to check out before you enter your 40s!

1. Toronto

The capital city of the province of Ontario, Toronto, is one of the best travel destinations in the world. The place is known for its diversity and is home to more than 200 ethnic groups who can speak more than 130 languages. The city celebrates this heterogeneity in various forms of art. Whether you love music, food, or sports, Toronto hosts an event that will hold your interest. Also, the place is an architectural wonder with plenty of buildings that can be considered an architectural marvel, like the CN tower, Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Why visit Toronto:

Art enthusiasts are recommended to visit Toronto for its museums and art galleries. These include the University of Toronto Art Centre, Market Gallery, and Museum of Contemporary Art in Toronto, Canada. Besides, the place is also a must-visit for adventure junkies who have the guts to go zip lining at Niagara Falls or Edgewalking at CN tower.

When to visit: June to August

2. Sydney

One of the largest cities in Australia, Sydney is a vibrant place and a mix of rich history and contemporary buzz. It is known for its yard-studded harbours and superb beaches. The region was once a British colony housing exiled convicts and has now developed as a cosmopolitan city offering exciting food, arts, and entertainment. It is an excellent destination for people to visit in their 30s as it is one of the safest places in the world.

Why visit Sydney:

In Sydney, travellers who prefer to be near nature can explore the Blue Mountains, while those who like adventure and exercising can go for 3.5 hours long Sydney Harbour bridge climb. The destination also features several beaches where you can soak in the sun's warmth or surf against the waves. And, of course, when you are visiting Sydney, checking out the Sydney Opera House is a given.

Best time to visit: September to November

3. Zurich

Known as the financial capital of Switzerland, Zurich is located at the northern end of Lake Zurich. It is one of the most expensive cities in Europe and houses some fascinating attraction sites. Here, tourists can relish the view of the inviting blue waters or lose themselves in the beauty of the giant snow-capped mountains. For lovers of art and architecture, sites like St Peterskirche Church, Peterhof building, and Zurich Hauptbahnhof are a must-visit.

Why visit Zurich:

If you have a taste for fine wine, Zurich is a perfect holiday destination. It is mainly known for its pinot noir and riesling-silvaner wines. When here, you can take a guided tour of the area's wineries and attend wine tastings. Moreover, tourists visiting Zurich should also check out Bahnhofstrasse, a beautiful tram-only street featuring the most exclusive and expensive shopping avenues.

Best time to visit: June to August

4. Istanbul

Istanbul is a culturally-rich location with a history of hosting many civilisations. It has served as a central point for several empires, remnants of which still dot the city in the form of architectural wonders. Also, the region has several skyscrapers and malls, giving an aura of a place where the future melts with the past. Roaming in the streets of Istanbul can be a fulfilling and unique experience for history buffs.

Why visit Istanbul:

Despite the damage Istanbul has witnessed in the past few decades, the city has still managed to preserve some important monuments. These include landmarks like Hagia Sophia, known as the Grand Mosque; Topkapi Palace, which served as the house of Ottoman Sultans; Grand Bazaar, the world's biggest covered market; and Sultanahmet Mosque with blue ceramics. Besides, this city deserves to be on your bucket list for its Turkish hospitality and delicious food.

Best time to visit: March to May

5. Kathmandu

Nepal's capital Kathmandu is set up in a valley surrounded by the Himalayan mountains. It boasts of a rich cultural setting that is a perfect amalgamation of Buddhist and Hindu cultures. The place is particularly known for its religious temples, stupas, and monasteries adorning its landscape. The destination is also historically-rich and houses sites like Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath Temple, and Gardens of Dreams.

Why visit Kathmandu:

Kathmandu is a scenic place offering mesmerising views of the grand Himalayan mountains. The capital city houses UNESCO world cultural heritage like Durbar Square, where you can tour ancient monuments, buildings, and temples. In addition, Kathmandu has many sacred sites important to the Hindus and Buddhists, like Shree Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhnath Stupa, and Changu Narayan Temple.

Best time to visit: September to December

Travelling gives people a chance to explore new places and gain new experiences. So, plan a trip to these must-visit destinations if you also wish to widen your horizons before you turn 40! For travellers who are taking an international trip and flying for the first time, we recommend going through our first-time flyer guide to ensure that you have a comfortable and hassle-free journey.

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