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Unleash Playfulness at Children’s Play Area: T3, Delhi Airport I Children’s Day

Unleash Playfulness at Children’s Play Area: T3, Delhi Airport I Children’s Day

November 11, 2022

Travelling with a kid may seem daunting to most parents, but the experience helps promote the child’s growth and strengthens your bond. Exploring the world while holding the hand of your little one allows you to create some beautiful memories, which can be cherished for the rest of your lives.

So, in order to encourage more parents to fly with their toddlers, the Delhi Airport has dedicated a section of its premises to the children’s play area. You can drop in here as you wait for your flight to catch on some ‘me time’ while your little one unleashes playfulness at terminal 3!

How is Delhi Airport facilitating travelling with kids?

Celebrated on the 14th of November, Children’s Day is observed on the birthday of the former Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Because of his love for kids, the day is dedicated to raising awareness about their welfare, education, and rights. Parents celebrating this occasion and making the event special for their little ones by taking a tour and boarding a flight from Delhi Airport should drop their worries!

It is so because in order to ensure guardians enjoy an untroubled and carefree travel experience, the Delhi Airport has taken many measures. They have dedicated a part of the airport to create a children’s play area so parents can catch a break at the facility. Located at terminal 3, the play zone is suitable for kids of all age groups. When flying, you can drop in here with your child and be assured he will have a fun and exciting time while you relax a little.

Besides the play area, the airport also has a complimentary stroller service, so parents don’t have difficulty moving around the premises. You can get one at the information desk. Also, you can use the baby room if your toddler gets hungry or needs to be changed. The space features a nursing station and changing table to ensure ease and convenience for flyers.

Reasons why you should use children’s play area?

1. Improves kid’s mood

When kids are not allowed to roam free and are tied to one place during travelling, they tend to get irritated. Spending a little fun time in the children’s play area can get them in high spirits and enhance their mood.

2. Parents get a break

Carrying and tending to your toddler at all times can become exhausting. This can spoil the beginning of the vacation for you. To prevent this from happening, parents are advised to access the play area so they can relax a little.

3. Features kids rides

The children’s play area at terminal 3 features slides and horse rides to ensure exercise and entertainment for children. The space is designed to be interactive and colourful, so the kids feel happy and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

4. Safety for children

The floor space at the play area features a playmat to ensure the kids do not hurt themselves while playing. Moreover, the layout, materials, and equipment used in the room are child-friendly and in accordance with the requisite security measures to ensure safety.

The Delhi Airport is committed to providing flyers with a comfortable and convenient travel experience. In its attempt to make touring with kids easier, it has developed a safe and easy-to-access children’s play area. So the next time you visit the airport with your little one, make sure to check it out!

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