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Remember the 6 rules of flying

Remember the 6 rules of flying

30 Jan 2018

Travelling is extremely exciting but to make it a hassle free experience a few simple things need to be kept in mind and should be implemented. Below are a few points which can help you have a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

Make sure you eat light - While travelling a lot of people tend to get sick, so eating heavy meals while flying may cause stomach bloating.Therefore, it is better to eat a light meal before a flight.

Do an e-check in to avoid queue - Waiting in long queues and arriving hours before your flight can be overwhelming. This is why, e-check in has gained immense popularity in the recent times. Start your trip stress-free.

Always Carry ID - Carrying ID is always a bonus as we never know when we might need it.Carrying national identity might save you from a lot of hassle as well in a foreign country.

Never carry anything for others before screening - This is one of the most important thing we should be careful of while travelling by flight.. You might be doing a favour for a friend by carrying their luggage, but it is always safe to screen it thoroughly before entering the airport to avoid any embarrassing situation.

Weigh your luggage - It is better to weigh your luggage before you reach your airport. Extra charge is levied on extra weight on luggage. To avoid that, it is advisable to weigh your cabin and check in luggage at home.

Carry Electronic items in hand luggage - As our most important details are stored in our gadgets it is important to keep them in our hand luggage.If kept in Check in baggage there are chances of it breaking.

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