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Reasons to stay at the transit hotel at Delhi Airport

Reasons to stay at the transit hotel at Delhi Airport

18 April 2018

Travelling becomes hectic, sometimes. Make your journey as easy, stress-free and economical as possible and this often is a tough one to crack!

For frequent travelers who have a busy schedule it would be extremely impossible to enjoy their travel. Here is a simple idea you should consider, which is staying at the Transit Hotel at Delhi Airport.

People who travel to Delhi for short trips frequently will understand the hassle behind their stressful trip, which leaves them no time to do anything during their trip. Here are our bunch of reasons why we recommend staying at the transit hotel.

1. Save Time - Choosing to stay in an airport hotel during a short and hectic journey instantly becomes one with zero time constraints. You can save time from waiting hours in the Airport to go from one place to another.

Also there is no way you could miss your flight if you stay in the airport hotel. You can get that extra power nap before you get started on the hectic trip. Sounds good, doesn't it? Visit for more details: Book a Hotel

2. Save Money - The best things about staying in a transit hotel, you can enjoy Free Express Start Breakfast and free Wi-Fi. When two best things, food and wifi come free, what's there to lose?

You can save a lot of money by using the Hotel wifi and can feel extremely satisfied after having a good breakfast. Save money on cabs, which cost a lot in Delhi.

Staying at Holiday Inn Express at the Delhi Airport could save you a lot of money, compared to staying outside. Visit for more details: Book a Hotel

3. Enjoy services of a world-class Hotel with all the amenities - Staying in a hotel gives you a great experience and makes you enjoy your travel with luxury. Experience 24 hours accessible Gym, in-house Spa, business facilities & round the clock multi-cuisine restaurant. Located inside the Indira Gandhi International Airport, the hotel is the perfect spot to freshen up before your next flight. Visit for more details: Book a Hotel

It is absolutely safe to stay at the transit hotel and hope we helped you plan your next journey. Wishing you a happy journey on your next trip!

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