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Perks of Park & Fly @ Delhi Airport

Perks of Park & Fly @ Delhi Airport

01 Oct 17

Anytime we have to travel, whether it is for business or pleasure, we have enough things to worry about that are absolutely beyond our control. A few things like lost luggage and delayed flight schedules make it worthwhile to research ways to simplify your trip before you leave.
One main thing to worry is about the safety of our vehicles. Now we have a solution that makes our lives easy and reduces tension.

Why should we park our vehicles at the airport?

Safe and Secure:The Safety of our vehicles is one of the most important thing to worry about when we leave somewhere out of town. The Parking Area has conveniences like: Well-lit car parking area, with 24 hour CCTV surveillance, cars manually screened by CISF guards and private security marshals

Fully automated parking system through automatic ticket dispenser's providing easy entry & exit.


For the convenience of passengers, there are six stories of multi-level car parking facility available across from Terminal 3 which can accommodate up-to 4300 cars at any given point. The parking can be accessed through an elevated footbridge that attaches the terminal to the garage or by crossing the road on foot


Parking Guidance Information (PGI) systems are designed to quickly search for vacant parking spaces by directing drivers to locations where occupancy levels are low.

Benefits of Guidance System:

  • Increased Space Utilization
  • Improved Traffic Flow
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Detailed Management Information
  • Reduced Fuel Wastage & Emissions
  • Reduced Traffic Congestion

Parking Charges

Park your cars safely at the Indira Gandhi International airport and fly to any destination with no fear! ... The parking charges for the first 24 hours are Rs 700, for the next 24 hours is Rs 500 and for the subsequent days it is Rs 400.

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