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Park and Fly at Delhi Airport

Park and Fly at Delhi Airport

05 July 2019

Growing up, we have all watched English movies where the actor drives up to the airport, parks his car and boards his flight. When he returns from his trip, he goes straight to his car and drives away. This scene always felt very cool and I think we have all wondered why this convenience wasn't available to travellers at our Indian airports. Well, it is now! People aren't aware, but one can now park at the Delhi Airport and fly away with ease.

The Delhi Airport Parking Service has made it very convenient for flyers to drive in, park and fly.

There is a dedicated area for long stay parking with enhanced security features that include 24x7 CCTV coverage and strict exit rules. The Delhi Airport has set up additional signage at strategically locations for better visibility and to guide vehicle owners in the right direction. There is a dedicated facilitation desk for the assistance and any queries and complaints are taken care of promptly. This is done without any documentation or forms; all you need to submit is your phone number and name.

You can park and complete all formalities in less than a minute. Pre-booking facility is available and you can book your spot for the 1st 24 hours, but subsequent hours/day charges will have to be paid directly at the parking paybooth. In case of overstay, the differential amount will be collected at the time of exiting the parking.

So the next time you land at the Delhi Airport, you don't have to wait for your driver or loved ones to pick you up. You can avoid the hassle of queuing up to book a cab. You don't even have to ask for favours from friends to drop you off or bribe them with a treat. All you have to do now is to drive into the airport in style and park and fly. And when you land, you can rest assured that your car is waiting for you. So walk straight to the parking lot and drive out with minimum fuss. The Delhi Airport is promoting this facility and ensuring that this convenience is availed by all flyers by offering absolutely reasonable rates. So go ahead and drive in before you fly out!

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