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Luxury sleeping pods for all you avid travelers, available now at Delhi Airport!

Luxury sleeping pods for all you avid travelers, available now at Delhi Airport!

24 March 2021

Airports and travelling can oftentimes leave you weary and tired after lugging your bags around and waiting for layovers. Delhi International Airport now comes with an ultra-economical, pod-style accommodation in collaboration with SAMS! (Snooze at my space)

Providing a minimalistic space for you to rest amidst the hustle and bustle of one of India’s busiest airports, this private sanctuary is a relief to most travelers that need to catch their breath or spend some time unwinding as they wait for the next journey.

The Sleeping Pods are equipped with a full-length bed, flat screen TV with a DVD player, working desk, charging points for your electronics, Wi-Fi facility, mini bar, and personal private space located right in the heart of the airport which gives you easy access to your surroundings. 

Here are some reasons that makes Sleeping Pods the perfect place for you to take a quick break before rushing out.

  • 24*7 Check-in and Check-out, so you do not have to worry about the times of arrival and departure. Your spots can also be reserved in advance online.
  • Slots that can be booked by the hour at your convenience, leaving the timings open and very flexible based on your travelling schedule.
  • Single occupancy and double occupancy accommodations for you to choose from. A variety of offerings for your choice of comfort based on the duration of your stay.
  • Wi-Fi to help you stay connected and charging ports so you can stay connected and plan out what you want to do while you relax. 
  • Added perks of a classic movie collection to help you unwind, along with many new additions in terms of entertainment to keep you constantly engaged to fight away the boredom. 
  • Pre-Booking with exclusive offers on meals, beers, and lot more.
  • Drop-off facilities to help you take the stress of getting to your boarding gate on time. Guests are dropped to their respective boarding gate at check-out.
  • Open to all the people that commute through the airport looking for hassle free travelling, as well as making a quick stop and a place to keep all your duty-free shopping secure and in one place.

With the concept of these sleeping pods growing in popularity, Delhi International Airport has recognized the needs of travelers and created a safe haven for all passengers by offering them a safe and comfortable space to recharge, sort out your affairs and yourselves out before diving back into the action and adventures of travelling. 

Check out for more information and make your booking by clicking on the link:

Delhi Airport Sleeping Pods | Take a nap & feel refreshed (

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