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India’s first airport COVID testing facility at Delhi Airport for arriving international fliers

India’s first airport COVID testing facility at Delhi Airport for arriving international fliers

11th Sep 2020

India’s first airport COVID testing facility at Delhi Airport for arriving international fliers

With concerns over COVID-19 continuing, Delhi Airport have taken a major step forward by setting up an on-site coronavirus testing center & lounge  as per the directions of MOCA. 

  • The facility will be operation from 11th Sept onwards for international arrival passengers with domestic connection in Phase 1. This facility will be operation 24*7. 
  • This service and facility is being provided in collaboration with Premium Plaza Lounge and Genestrings Diagnostic Centre, a Delhi-based laboratory, which is currently associated with Delhi government to test COVID-19 samples
  • The cost of the package ranges upto INR 5000 only. Passenger can’t book only lab slots in this case. 
  • Passengers can book the slot online and proceed to the ‘Covid Test Center and Lounge’ on arrival.  After the test, passengers can relax at the lounge while the awaiting the results and enjoy the lounge service. Alternately, the passenger can also avail the service on arrival. 
  • The test results will be available within 4-6 hours. All Passengers with negative report proceed to state desk at the lounge for clearance of their onward journey. The state officials will stamp the hands of the passengers with Covid negative certificate and let them proceed for their onward journey. 
  • Importantly, the passengers are suggested to book the slot 1 hour after the time of arrival and minimum 4-6 hours before the departure flight (post sample collection) or book domestic flight after test results are available.  
  • Online booking can be availed for group booking as well.  The facility is available at Rs 5000 per passenger (inclusive of test and lounge).  
  • To support the Test Center and Lounge a Covid lab has been built in 3500 square meter area at multi-level car parking (MLCP) of Terminal 3, this is the first COVID-19 testing lab among Indian airports. 

International passengers with connecting flights can avail of testing facilities at airports before travelling ahead to their final destination. 

As per government mandate, international passengers who are traveling to Delhi can take flight only with RTPCR Covid negative certificate. To facilitate passengers, Delhi Airport now has introduced an all-new Covid Test Center and Lounge. 

The test results will be available for passengers within 4-6 hours. Hence, we urge passengers to book domestic connection with at least 8-10 hours of gap from arrival. 

Until the results are confirmed, passengers can wait in the lounge, which is part of the overall package being offered. 

In case of a positive result, the passenger will be processed in line with applicable ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) protocols by the State authorities. This will help the authorities concerned to avoid passengers affected with the disease from coming in close contact with those already having RT-PCR negative report. 

Those testing negative can continue their onward journey.

Delhi Airport is continuously working towards making passenger journey more convenient and hassle free. We wish all passengers Happy Journey!

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