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Inauguration of Disabled Aircraft Recovery Kit at Delhi Airport

Inauguration of Disabled Aircraft Recovery Kit at Delhi Airport

February 25, 2023

The safety and security of passengers and aircraft are of utmost importance to us at Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL). We understand the critical role of airport infrastructure and equipment in ensuring that air travel remains safe and reliable. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our services, we have invested in advanced technology and equipment to enhance our capabilities in handling aircraft incidents.

The Disabled Aircraft Recovery Kit (DARK) is a significant addition to our infrastructure. With this new capability, we are well-equipped to handle any unexpected situations and ensure minimal disruption to our operations.

Delhi Airport commissioned the Disabled Aircraft Recovery Kit on 25th Feb 2023, becoming the first airport in North India to own the advanced equipment that will enable faster resumption of operations during aircraft incidents on the runways.

With the procurement of the Disabled Aircraft Recovery Kit, Delhi Airport has joined the elite group of Airports in the world, holding the dedicated Disabled Aircraft Recovery kit.

The disabled aircraft recovery kit is capable of recovering the world’s largest passenger aircraft, Airbus A380/ Code F compliant aircraft, in addition to all other aircraft operating at the IGI Airport.

The recovery process will include ground preparation, aircraft lifting, de-bogging, tethering, towing, and all other associated aspects of both narrow and wide-body aircraft.

It is to appraise that twelve ARFF Officers have undergone extensive training at Kunz Gmbh’s state-of-the-art recovery training facility in Germany. Further training for 24 officials from ARFF and stakeholders on disabled aircraft equipment operations has been conducted by M/s Kunz trainer at the Delhi Airport.

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