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Fly with Ease: 11 Tips to Conquer Airport Anxiety

Fly with Ease: 11 Tips to Conquer Airport Anxiety

11th April 2023

Airport anxiety is more common than you would think. Since airports are practically mini-cities occupied with a large number of people determined to reach somewhere, the unease is understandable. In addition to the crowd, flyers also need to manage the security checks, luggage, and check-in formalities before taking off. All this can cause worry and make your travel experience less enjoyable. To help people better deal with anxiety and ensure a stress-free airport experience, here are a few tips. Let’s have a look!

How to deal with airport anxiety for a pleasant travel experience?

Since airport anxiety can overwhelm you and make your travel experience less fun, managing the stress successfully is vital. This can be done in two parts, the pre-arrival phase and the post-arrival phase. Let’s start!

Pre Airport arrival anxiety management strategies

1. Packing carefully

Packing travel essentials is one of the most stressful tasks identified by travellers. Despite all the care we put into packaging things, many of us feel like we have left something back at home. To prevent this, one piece of advice is to make a checklist of essentials. After packing your bags, make sure to tally with this list to ensure nothing is amiss before leaving for the airport.

2. Planning ahead

Since airports are unfamiliar places, many flyers feel nervous navigating the space. Despite the available signs, sometimes things can get confusing. Thus, checking out the layout of the airport beforehand is recommended. Understanding where you have to go and which turns to make can help get rid of the unnerving feeling.

3. Booking early morning flight

When travelling, try to book a flight that takes off early in the morning. Doing so means less traffic on the road and less crowd at the facility. This should also mean less wait time in the queues. So, next time you fly, see if you can take off before the airport gets busy.

4. Using web check-in

Checking in at the airport has become so much easier with the web check-in facility. The service is available 48 hours before departure for most airlines. The online process only takes a few minutes and saves you from the hassle of waiting in the queue. And one more thing off the checklist before leaving your home can mean less undue stress.

5. Reaching in plenty of time

One prime reason for airport anxiety is the feeling you may not reach in time for your flight. Even days before the travel date, many of us start seeing visions of missing the plane. Staying updated on your flight timings and location in real time with a live flight tracker can help reduce stress. Knowing where your flight is at every moment can help you arrive at the facility on time.

Another way to avoid the anxiety associated with making it to the Delhi Airport in time is to drive yourself to the facility. This reduces your dependency on others, which helps calm the nerves. You can park your car at the multi-level parking to ensure the safety of your vehicle if you decide to drive.

6. Choosing your clothes carefully

Many first-time travellers report feeling anxious at the security check. If you also feel nervous during screenings, you can start by carefully picking your clothes. Since you are asked to remove your hats, boots, belts, and scarves as you go through the metal detectors, be careful about your choices. Wear clothes that are easy to remove, like slip-on footwear and avoid wearing anything metal accessories.

Post Airport arrival anxiety management strategies

Once you have arrived at the airport, follow these tips to control your airport anxiety:

1. Order comfort food

You have an early flight, and in an attempt to make it on time, you skip breakfast. But this feeling of being hungry and anxious is not sitting well, and you start feeling dizzy. However, there is no need to worry because Delhi Airport has got you covered. We have numerous bars and eateries on the premises from where you can order comfort food to calm your nerves.

2. Visit the airport lounge

If despite trying everything, you are still feeling the effects of airport anxiety, one possible way to feel better is to visit a lounge. These spaces are specially designed to offer you some me-time. The Encalm lounge at Terminal 3, Delhi Airport, is a premium facility that provides gourmet food and wellness and spa services. Here, you can relax before your flight to control your anxiety.

3. Find stomach settlers

It is common to feel like you may throw up and fall sick at the airport because of the anxiety. But relax, it won't happen. You can get some stomach settlers and stop worrying about throwing up. You can either opt to take pills or get a coke. Another option is to pop in a few mints or mint-flavoured chocolates to feel better.

4. Keep yourself entertained

While reaching the airport in time is good, arriving too early and sitting idle can set off your nerves. An ideal way to prevent this from happening is to keep yourself busy. Find something to do while you are waiting for your flight. Stream your favourite movie or shop at the premises for a pleasing experience. Keeping yourself entertained will settle your nerves and make you feel better.

5. Use airport services

At Delhi Airport, we understand that the whole travel experience can be a little hassling and unnerving for passengers. Thus, to make flying hassle-free and calming, we have many airport services, including DigiYatra, Meet N Greet, excess baggage delivery service, buggy service, and live queue status tracker. Using these facilities can make travelling convenient and reduce airport anxiety.

Navigating the airport and boarding your flight can be an anxious experience for some people. So, the next time you travel, follow these tips to calm your nerves!

Happy Travelling!

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