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Festive Fervour: Rise in Travel Sentiment amid Festivities

Festive Fervour: Rise in Travel Sentiment amid Festivities

October 21, 2022

Dipped in the hues of joy and fervour, Indian festivals hold a peculiarly pleasant essence innate to them. A celebration of harmony, accord and togetherness, these festivities spell prosperity and cheerfulness across the length and breadth of the country.

Commemorating the victory of righteousness and freedom from spiritual darkness, the most-awaited and zealously celebrated Indian festival – Diwali is just around the corner. Each year, it illuminates every nook and corner of the nation with its sheen and brings joy abound.

This year, the festive season in India has uplifted the spirits of several travel enthusiasts. Ushering in the much-needed cheer in the travel and tourism sector, it has led to a paradigmatic shift in the consumer travel sentiment.

What has fuelled the festive rush?

With a majority of the domestic and international destinations doing away with the quarantine norms, the travel industry has witnessed a subsequent surge in advance bookings and reservation enquiries. Massive influx of bookings hints at a consecutive revival of the industry. It is believed to be one of the steepest spikes in the tourism sector post the pandemic.

Current industry trends and statistics show that this festive season, a significant proportion of travellers is likely to include the people heading to their hometown for celebrating with their families after a hiatus due to Covid outbreak. Moreover, there is a significant decline in the number of Covid cases and even the testing norms have been relaxed for fully vaccinated people, mainly on the domestic front. The other segment includes luxury travellers waiting to throng new destinations with their major focus on experience and indulgence. The on-going events and festivities in India are deemed as the major demand contributors to the country’s travel and tourism sector as well.

Where are people travelling to?

From places with the largest declines to the ones witnessing emerging signs of revival, travel trends are picking up pace with several changes coming into the picture. The demand is said to be the highest mainly around Diwali, Christmas and New Year holidays.

Gearing up to celebrate the holiday season, Indians are driving domestic and international tourism like never before. Destinations like Kashmir, Goa, Dehradun, Kochi, Jodhpur, and Jaipur are garnering increasing interest of travel enthusiasts. Countries like Bali and Vietnam are also among the top picks for Indians.

According to the industry reports, there has been a mammoth increase in the flight searches from Indian airports. Last-minute ticket prices for the most popular destinations would also witness a major rise due to increasing travel demand. However, regardless of the high fares, there has been a continuous increase in the number of domestic and international flyers.

Delhi Airport: A gateway to relish festivities across the country

While some of the people relish the festive time bracing up for the celebrations, the globetrotters pack their bags to embark on new journeys. It is the best time to travel for anyone who wants to embrace the glittery show of the festive season across India – the land of fairs and festivals.

Bringing to you a world of immense travel opportunities, Delhi Airport is well-connected to every tourist destination in the country. With flights to every part of the world, it connects 70+ domestic and 50+ international destinations.

So, where are you travelling to this festive season?

Witnessing the vibrant festive celebrations in any part of the country is just a flight away from Delhi Airport. For long-distance journeys, it is recommended to book your flights via Delhi Airport as indirect flights usually have a better frequency than direct airplanes. Additionally, it provides you with an easy and hassle-free flying experience and layovers as well. Apart from being economical, the Delhi Airport hosts an array of premium brands offering world-class shop and dine experience.

The road ahead for travel and tourism sector

Certainly, the mounting digits and rise in travel sentiment amid the festive season hint at an impending revival of the Indian travel and tourism sector. Keeping the changing statistics and upcoming travel trends in mind, maybe the time isn’t far when we all can travel in the “good old pre-pandemic ways”.

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