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Enhance Your In-Flight Experience - 7 Flight Entertainment Ideas for a Fun & Productive Journey

Enhance Your In-Flight Experience - 7 Flight Entertainment Ideas for a Fun & Productive Journey

12 October 2023

When gearing up for that long-awaited dream trip, the flight journey is the last thing on your mind that you plan for. In the excitement about what you will do once you land, the places you can explore, and the food you can savour, you forget about the long flight time.

But, this may not be ideal, especially when you have a long-haul flight. Keeping yourself entertained and productive in the confines of the aeroplane cabin can get challenging. Nonetheless, with a little foresight and creativity, you can effortlessly make long flights fun. Here are some recommendations on fun things to do on a plane to fully embrace and enhance your long-haul travel experience.

7 Exciting Entertainment Ideas & Tips for Your Long Flights

1. Maximise your sky-high video entertainment

When embarking on a flight, a valuable travel tip is to retrieve your laptop/tablet/iPad from your bag before proceeding with Self-Baggage Drop (SBD). Long-haul flights offer an ideal chance to enjoy long movies, web series, or any other captivating videos. Simply order your favourite drink, some snacks, and watch your favourite content to make the most of your long-haul journey.

Pro Tip: Download your preferred videos in advance to ensure a seamless entertainment experience. Also, Delhi Airport has many charging stations, so you can recharge the battery of your devices (if running low) before boarding the flight.

2. Plug into a podcast/audiobook

If you are someone who is likely to drift off to sleep while reading, then audiobooks and podcasts might be the perfect choice for you. You can find podcasts on any topic, ranging from science to mythology, music, politics, self-help, and comedy. They are great for learning and can keep you engaged in the best possible way.

For people who cannot stare at their screen for long or are trying to reduce their screen time, podcasts and audiobooks are ideal alternatives.

3. Play games

Travelling in groups or pairs is fun. You can always chit-chat with them to pass some time. And when you run out of topics, you can invite them to play board games. You can easily find several mini-sized travel games like chess, mini ludo, snake & ladders, and Monopoly at the shops within Delhi Airport. This is an excellent flight entertainment option to keep yourself and your travel partner entertained.

For card game enthusiasts, one travel tip for long flights is to carry cards in their carry-on luggage. You can play Solitaire when flying solo, Rummy with friends, and UNO when travelling with kids.

4. Embrace relaxation techniques

Long-haul flights can take a toll on both your mind and body. To stay refreshed throughout your journey, consider practising relaxation exercises. You can engage in relaxation techniques and meditation right from your seat. Don't forget to practise calming breathing exercises and simple stretches to maintain your physical and mental vitality.

5. Read about your adventure

Another fun and productive flight entertainment idea for when you are on a long-haul plane is to research your destination and prepare an itinerary. You must have planned things before boarding the flight, but if you have a travel guide with you, this could be the perfect time to read up.

Typically, airline entertainment systems have small guidebooks and relevant information about your destination. You can access these to plan the very last detail of your trip. This may also make you feel more excited about the adventures that are about to unfold.

6. Rejuvenate with face masks

Flying long-haul can mean exposure to a low-humidity atmosphere for many hours, leaving your skin dehydrated. This makes long flights a perfect excuse for DIY skincare routines. Passengers flying in the business class get a range of face products and creams they can use to rejuvenate.

If you are flying economy, you can always bring your own face masks, lip balm, moisturiser, and facial wipes. This fun and productive fight tip can ensure your skin looks bright and aglow when you land at your destination.

7. Learn local language

Visiting a destination where the residents speak a language other than what you are familiar with? One of the best tips for flight entertainment is to pick up a few phrases of the new language. You can find many apps online that can help you learn. Research how to say ‘thank you’ ‘sorry’ ‘goodbye’ ‘how much does this cost’ and ‘taxi’ before you set off for new adventures. Learning the local language can ensure a smooth and fun trip.

Final Thoughts

Long flights can be exhausting both physically and mentally. By the time you land, you feel like going straight to your hotel room and sleeping. But, you can change this by following the flight entertainment tips mentioned above. They can help you transform your long-haul experience into a fun and productive time.

Enjoy your journey!

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