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Delhi Airport wants you to #StayAtHome

Delhi Airport wants you to #StayAtHome

27 May 2021

Thinking of your next take-off? Before we plan for a better tomorrow, we must act responsibly today. Here’s why it's the perfect time to visit nowhere and simply #StayAtHome:

Break The Chain 

Not only could you get infected by the virus, but you could also spread it to the area you are visiting and bring it back to your hometown. Break this cycle and stay indoors. 

Are You Vaccinated? 

In case you are not vaccinated with both doses, chances are you will get infected. Help fight against the current COVID-19 wave and book your slots for the vaccine instead! 


Once you reach your destination, it is important that you quarantine yourself so as to keep yourself and those around you safe.  
 While we strongly encourage all to play our part and stay indoors, sometimes duty calls. If you must, undertake only essential travel and #FlySafe keeping the following steps in mind: 

Avoid Contact 

Keep a distance of at least 4 to 6 ft between you and another person. Avoid physical contact with any surface and don’t touch your face. 

Protect Your Face 

Opt for masks that fit you well and make sure you wear them at all times. Cover your nose and mouth fully, and you could also wear a face shield alongside. 


Keep a sanitiser handy and use it after touching any surface. The Delhi Airport has installed contactless hand sanitisers across all terminals for your ease.  

Travel Light 

Keep your trip short and travel light by packing right. Only carry the essentials.  

The only journey you should take is to let your mind wander. However, we are always there to guide you through your journey. Stay updated with the latest guidelines on our website. 

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