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Delhi Airport Receives Level 1 Accreditation for Exceptional Customer Experience

Delhi Airport Receives Level 1 Accreditation for Exceptional Customer Experience

14th June 2023

Delhi Airport has recently completed 17 years of its glorious journey. During this time, the airport has continuously worked towards ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for the flyers. DIAL has also introduced many new services in the last few years to improve the flying experience for customers.

Its ceaseless efforts to make the airport journey smooth for domestic and international flyers were recognised by the Airport Council International (ACI), which rewarded Delhi Airport with Level 1 Accreditation under the World Airport Customer Experience programme.

Here is all you need to know about this new accomplishment by Delhi Airport!

What is the World Airport Customer Experience programme?

The World Airport Customer Experience Accreditation is a multilevel accreditation programme developed by Airports Council International (ACI). It guides airports towards achieving excellence in customer experience management.

The programme is a comprehensive accreditation framework that aims to enhance the overall customer experience at airports. It provides a common framework of accreditation for airports across the world and as a tool to collectively achieve the customer experience goals by stakeholders, like airlines, airport operators, regulators, service partners & service providers around the world.

The World Airport Customer Experience Accreditation provides a standardised approach to evaluating and improving customer service, facilities, and processes.

How are airports evaluated by Airport Council International (ACI)?

Depending on the level of maturity in customer experience management, participating airports are evaluated based on the guidelines of eight customer experience management domains, including customer understanding, strategy, measurement, operational improvement, governance, airport culture, service design/innovation and airport community collaboration.

The performance of each airport is evaluated based on how the participating airports perform on these parameters.

Delhi Airport gains Level 1 accreditation under World Airport Customer Experience Programme

Following the review and verification process based on the eight domains, ACI found Delhi Airport’s customer experience management in line with the recommended practices and industry standards.

The achievement recognises airport staff’s dedication towards providing a seamless and enjoyable journey to passengers. This accreditation validates the efforts of Delhi Airport in maintaining high standards of customer service and enhancing the overall airport experience.

Through this achievement, the Delhi Airport has added another feather to its cap after achieving a silver rating in over 35 million passengers per annum category under the GAR programme and being rewarded as the best airport in India for 5th time in a row by Skytrax World Airport Awards.

What's next?

Delhi Airport is now preparing to go for Level 2 accreditation. To award level 2 accreditation, ACI will be judging on key areas like service excellence, operational efficiency, and infrastructure enhancements.

Speaking on the achievement Mr Videh Kumar Jaipuriar, CEO-DIAL, said, "We are delighted to have achieved Level 1 accreditation in the ACI World Airport Customer Experience Accreditation programme. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing passengers with a world-class experience at IGIA, Delhi. We look forward to meeting Level 2 accreditation soon and gradually to Level 5 by continuously improving our services to exceed the expectations of our customers."

To Sum Up

Delhi Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. To ensure passengers flying via IGIA experience a smooth and hassle-free journey, the airport is continuously working to improve its services. ACI has recognised Delhi Airport’s attempts to enhance customer experience by rewarding it with Level 1 accreditation under World Airport Customer Experience Programme.

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