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Delhi Airport Launches Live Queue Status Tracker for Smart Travel

Delhi Airport Launches Live Queue Status Tracker for Smart Travel

December 16, 2022

Most travel lovers believe this time of the year to be the best for making travel plans. The decreased temperatures make the climate favourable, and the decorated, lit-up shops and cafes during Christmas attract a traveller’s heart. Moreover, during this time, the schools are shut, so parents are not worried about their kids missing classes. All these reasons boost tourism, which results in increased congestion at airports, bus stands, and railway stations during the peak season.

So, to help flyers deal with the high traffic and assist them to plan ahead, Delhi Airport has launched the Live Queue Status tracker to check the queue time for terminal entry and security check. Here is all you need to know about it!

What is the Live Queue Status Tracker?

The best travel plans require detailed planning. This is why avid travellers consider their every step and plan down to the very last minute to ensure they make the most of their holidays. To add another layer to planning ahead, Delhi Airport has introduced the Live Queue Status tracker.

This AI-enabled queue management tech is meant for travellers who have to depart from Delhi airport, terminal 3. It allows flyers to check the on-ground traffic from any corner of the world. By using this tracker, air passengers can make it to the airport on time. They can check the waiting time of the queues at different entry gates and plan their airport journey accordingly. Doing so will help travellers avoid the last-minute rush and reduce the chances of missing flights.

What are the benefits of Live Queue Status Tracker?

1.    Increased Convenience:

This tracker introduced by the Delhi Airport will decrease the hassle for flyers. Since the air travellers will know the live status of queues and the waiting time at the airport entry, they will know when to leave their homes, so they don’t miss their flights.

2.    Better Planning:

On several occasions, people remember some last-minute chores when leaving home for the airport. What should be done at such moments? Is it better to complete the task and risk missing the flight or leave it and reach the airport early to realise you had ample time in the first place? With the Live Queue Status tracker, the passengers can finally stop wondering. They can check the live flight status and waiting time in the queues before leaving home and make decisions accordingly.

3.    Reduced travel anxiety:

People who feel nervous because of travelling can also benefit from the Live Queue Status tracker. Using the facility, they can decrease the uncertainty and unpredictability associated with flying and make it to the airport on time. This way, they can calm their travel anxiety and enjoy a wonderful trip.

To summarise:

Checking the on-ground traffic and planning ahead during the peak season can help you go a long way in having a fun trip. So, the next time you are flying from Delhi Airport, use the Live Queue Status tracker to avoid the possibility of missing your flight.

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