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Celebrate Holi with the colours of travel

Celebrate Holi with the colours of travel

27 March 2021

The festival of Holi represents the colourful spirit of our rich and diverse nation. Holi represents the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil. Around the country, the festival is celebrated with zeal and gusto, bringing in everyone together and getting drenched in festivities.

Every part of the country has unique traditions attached to Holi celebrations. In this blog, we aim to highlight the different destinations which represent the colours of travel and the spirit of Holi.

Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

The ghats of Mathura has its own flavour of Holi which is famous all over the world. The birthplace of Lord Krishna, a small district of Mathura – barsana is famous for its Lathimar Holi. As the name suggests, it involves beating people with sticks. However, only women are allowed to attack as men cover and shield themselves, of course the even being fun and light-hearted. Mathura is famous for the most vivid and colourful Holi celebrations in the country.

Shantiniketan, West Bengal

Shantiniketan, the quaint town of Kolkata is famous for its linkage with the great poet Rabindranath Tagore and the distinct Holi celebrations started by him. Known as the Basanta Utsav or the Spring festival – the festivities celebrate the unique cultural hues with elaborate performances on Tagore’s eclectic songs, a burst of flower petals everywhere and a play of colours, making the celebration one-of-its-kind.


Holi is one of the most prominent festivals celebrated in the capital city. Celebrations are seen in full swing as every generation takes part with enthusiasm in the festivities. The gulaal and gujiya are the trademark elements finding their way in every street. True to the city’s party-culture, many Bollywood party music are seen being organized around the city and attended in huge numbers.

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur is symbolic of majesty and magnificence. The Holi celebrations here as royal too, having a touch of grandeur and opulence. On the night the Holika Dahan ceremony takes place, the local artists dressed vibrantly in Rajasthani traditional attire sing and dance around the bonfire. A stately procession is carried out by the mewari royal family on the day of Holi with horses and a royal band, inviting everyone to drench themselves in colours.


In Goa, Holi is celebrated quite uniquely. The “shigmotsav” which marks the onset of spring, comes to life in various parts of the city. It lasts for a fortnight, with various festivities and performances all around. On the day of Holi everyone comes together and plays with colours in the streets and on the seashore!


Holi celebrations in the southern part of the nation are mainly focused upon religious aspects and temple rites. However, the ancient town of Hampi offers an exception where the town is painted with colours and everyone turns out to play with full enthusiasm accompanied by the beats of drums, dance and joy.

India is a beautiful amalgamation of cultures. Festivities are an important part of our lives and travelling around to be a part of celebrations is our favourite thing to do.

However, this year as we welcome the festival in trying circumstances it is our collective duty to celebrate with precautions and follow government guidelines for everyone’s safety.

Delhi Airport wishes everyone a very Happy, safe and colorful Holi and welcomes passengers across the country to take their journey through DEL during the holiday period.

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