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What type of a traveller are you?

What type of a traveller are you?

10 November 2018

With almost 200,000 travellers taking the Delhi Airport everyday, we get to meet a variety of travellers! The always on panic mode to the early bird - each one of them is unique! Here are some of our favorite types!

The Perfect Planner - These are the ones who have a whole lot of baggage tags on their lugge and always have a frequent flyer membership number. They know exactly what they want, and have everything planned in advance to avoid any last minute hassle

The Experience seeker - Travel to them is an experience that gives them a lot of happiness, and they will ensure to make it fun, interactive, and interesting. You can spot them exploring shops, new food and trying out unique services at the airport.

The Multi-tasker - They are quite unique because of their distinctive style of travel. They are the ones who would carry a business magazine along with a bag shopping list that they have to pick up at the airport. They manage to finish a variety of things at the airport in the limited type. Jugglers, they can also be called!

The ones on Snooze mode - Be it an early morning flight, or an evening flight, pair of earphones - on, a neck pillow and a comfortable jacket for comfort is all what they need. Staying disconnected from the hussle, and catching up on sleep is another type that you can commonly spot!

Finally, The Ones you will never spot - They travel like 007! Not the luxurious way, but the secret agent way! They find a cozy, private and secret corner for themselves and stay low as much as possible.

Which ever type of traveller category you fall under, DIAL has ways of giving you exactly what you need!

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