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Travel tips - 10 musts to pack on your next trip

Travel tips - 10 musts to pack on your next trip

05 April 2019

“There are no foreign lands, it is only the traveller who is foreign,” said R.L. Stevenson. It’s not often that our first few nomadic searches lead us to the perfect trip, we travel best after realizing all our tiny issues which led us to lose our way the last time which helps us understand that perfection is created with experience and practice. We often travel to feed the hunger of our wanderlust, but straying and exploring in stranger lands aren’t all that complete our journey, the requirement of necessities is crucial. The ability to recognize what’s essential while packing is the key to a perfect voyage. So some thoughts on a few tips to give rise to a better experience for your next journey.

  1. Pack light - shop, don’t stop! Tourism helps you explore the art and craft of different regions, so buy everything you can spot, and return home with souvenirs to store. Different regions mean different cultures; different cultures mean different clothes; different clothes means a new wardrobe!
  2. Capture your memories - traveling helps us live in the moment, to capture a few clicks for when later in life you tend to forget about your adventurous reminiscence.
  3. Rent a car - It’s cheaper and still dauntless! There lies an adventure behind figuring out your way too, create your own path, make new friends and create beautiful memories
  4. Be spontaneous - It’s not necessary to plan. Explore and indulge in different customs and traditions, understand the history of the locals and participate with them. The beauty of traveling lies within the element of surprise, discovering where your curiosity leads you.
  5. Research - Before packing always research about the weather conditions and history of an area, accordingly arrange your apparel, you wouldn’t want to freeze to death or swelter under the heat of the sultry sun, or would you?
  6. Take a class or two - learn! The thing about life is, you never stop learning, and traveling gives you the perfect opportunity to jump out of your comfort zone and acquire something new.
  7. Solid toiletries over everything - prefer packing solid toiletries so they don’t spill in your luggage and are easier to carry around.
  8. Get good shoes - no, not for the pictures, well maybe… But you are going to walk and move around a lot to ensure the quality is good. Your feet take you places, treat them well.  
  9. Be prepared - be prepared to face anything at all. Often you can get lost, embrace that fact, wander and discover.
  10. Take care of your possessions - your phone can often help you to find your way and help keep you safe, charge all your devices whenever you have the chance.

Delhi Airport gives you a myriad of essentials to fit in your bag at the last minute. From seasoned apparels to toiletries, it provides a variety of necessities to carry around the world with you. Handcrafted jewelry for your mother to Indian candies for your little one to take back home, it has everything you need to everything you want. So even if you forgot to pack one thing or the other, don’t worry, it’s all there for you.

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