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This September, the airport gets you baked.

This September, the airport gets you baked.

14 September 2018

Get ready to experience the wonders of sweet and savoury bakes at Delhi airport. Taking off on the first of September, Terminals 3 of the airport will be home to the Wonderbake fest, with a mouth-watering selection of baked goods. A delicious selection of cakes, tarts, macarons, croissants and much more will be on offer come September.

There are few things as demanding of your complete attention as the feeling biting into a nice tart crust as the sweetness of the accompanying cream envelops your taste buds. And that's just a tart we're describing; there's so much more on the menu you might even be tempted to make multiple out of town trips to accommodate them all.

So remember, remember the first of September, for the lemony macaron and tart. So keep your eyes peeled for the eye-catching Wonderbake display at either of the one departure. And while you're at it, might as well arrive a little early just so you can fit in some time to truly relish the goodies on offer. It's not every day that you get to experience something like this on the way to your flight. So better to make the most of it because this is definitely one of those instances where you can decorate your cake and eat it too.

The name is no misnomer mind you; Wonderbake will truly have you wondering how they got stuff this good. That is, if you can take your mind off the sensations in your mouth for long enough. They'll take you right back to childhood when cake was a treat you only saw at birthdays and cookies were something you got when you were good. And you'll be feeling really good when you bite into one of the cookies on offer here. Here's a sample: they don't have just Chocolate Chip, but Triple Chocolate Chip!

But Wonderbake is not all about eating; there's a special event for kids as well. Enterprising young bakers can get their hands dirty quite literally as they deep dive into the world of baked goods with our professional chef. Cooking with kids is always fun and this is a great way to let them explore a world they would otherwise have very limited access to. Talk about fun, learning and yum all baked into one!

So whether your choice of indulgence is muffins, cookies, cakes, puffs, rolls, quiches or any other baked good, you'll be sure to find it at Delhi Airport's Wonderbake fest. It's not just about the baked goodies, it's about forgetting your troubles as you relax and have a bite.

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