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Best Places to Travel this Festive Season

Best Places to Travel this Festive Season

20 October 2018

Diwali is the much-awaited festival in every Indian household. Right from children to adults, everyone loves the celebration of colours, lights and overloaded happiness. This festival of lights has also in recent times, has become a reason for people to plan their vacation and travel a mini-getaway to new destinations.

Here are our top picks for this Diwali!


Yes, you read it right! Goa during Diwali gives you a completely new experience like every other destination. Diwali by the beach is more beautiful than it sounds, and along with this is their tradition of setting Narakasura on fire. A day prior to Diwali, a big competition is held in every village and city to see who can make the biggest effigy of Narkasura, which are then set ablaze at the dawn of the Diwali Day. This would be a great choice if you are planning to go for a trip with your friends, and don't forget to try your luck at the casino, this Diwali!


The temple town down south is a major attraction during Diwali. The Meenakshi Temple is litup like a bride and features intricately drawn rangolis interspersed with flower decorations. This long weekend gateway should also include a shopping spree along Vengala Kadai Street and South Masi Street in your quest for textiles. Don't miss out on indulging in local cuisines of Jigarthanda, Muttaiparotta, and the ever trusty Madurai-style dosas.


One cannot miss out on the shopping festival at Jaipur during the Diwali. Set up by the trade union to promote local trade. Shop till you drop alongside witnessing cultural shows and performances, that are also organized.

The majestic Nahargarh Fort is an alluring place of attraction especially after sunset with its beautiful illumination and stunning sight it offers of the lit-up walled city during Diwali. This is certainly a place to visit on Diwali before hailing a cab back to your hotel.

Wish to travel overseas?


The largest Diwali celebration outside of India is said to be in the United Kingdom. With a huge population of Indian residing in UK, London's Trafalgar Square is also beautifully lit up. Get to enjoy music and dance performances, family-friendly craft activities, community stalls and delicious food from India and beyond, as part of a large programme of activities.


Singapore is a city that celebrates Diwali like India, so if you don't want to miss out your festival of lights book your ticket right to Singapore and celebrate your festival there, when you are there mainly during this festival time, you get that Indian feel as each and every part of the city celebrates the occasion with great pump and gaiety.

Have a happy and joy-filled Diwali!

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