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Perfumes and cosmetics at Delhi Airport

Perfumes and cosmetics at Delhi Airport

5 March 2019

Say what you will about air travel, it definitely does no wonders for your skin. As if maintaining a hydrated top layer of our flesh-bags wasn't hard enough, it's as though the air in a pressurised cabin undergoing a controlled fall thirty thousand feet up above the ground was specifically calibrated to do as much damage to that top layer of ours as possible. You would have noticed the prevalence of dry skin after a long flight, not to mention the itchiness and redness that sometimes accompany the average commuter flight.

There are articles, blogs, videos and even podcasts galore about how to take better care of your skin, how to prepare your skin for a long flight, how to maintain it in-flight and even post-flight rituals on keeping your skin looking fresh and radiant as the day you were born. And while there are no specific salves or ointments for 'after flight' skin dryness, there are a range of products that can keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Some of these can be found at our very own Delhi Airport. These include iconic stores like Biotique, Forest Essentials, Kiko Milano, Mac, Nykaa.Com, Parcos, The Body Shop and The Olfactive. These stock more than skin hydrating products, of course. With a range of cosmetics available for purview and purchase should you so wish, they are a veritable potpourri of makeup, skin care and beauty products. Importantly, they also stock a range of perfumes.

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