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Our picks for your November Travel plan!

Our picks for your November Travel plan!

20 November 2018

Along with festivities, November makes way for the long weekend and combined holiday plans that you can make for a quick three to four day trip to some of the most beautiful, and exotic places in the country. And with the winter knocking on the door, the weather gives you another reason to travel around! Here are our hand-picked destinations where you can enjoy some quality time with friends and family, or even better for solo travelling!

Sunderbans, West Bengal

This UNESCO World Heritage Site always makes it to every wildlife enthusiast’s travel list, and why wouldn't it with the beautiful treat that it gives to the eyes of the visitor. Spotting tigers, enjoying a boat ride, meeting Olive Ridley turtles and going bird watching in the sanctuary are some of the things that can be part of your to-do list.

Kutch, Gujarat

This desert scape of Kutch is one of the spectacular places that you shouldn't miss visiting, especially in the months of November to February. Why you may ask and we have two words for you - Rann Utsav! The true khusbhu of Gujarat is witnessed in this festival. From the full moon in the never-ending white desert to the handicraft melas where you can pick up some of Gujarat’s handicraft marvels, this festival is a celebration in every way!

Old Goa, Goa

This one would be a heritage lover’s favourite choice. The age-old churches that showcase the relicss of Portugese ruling era, the museums that resembles the colonial rule, Old Goa is a delight to anyone who has a special corner for heritagee in their heart. And why November? Who will not want to attend the ‘Feast of St Francis Xavier’ that starts in the last week and goes until the 3rd Decelmber, every year. Excited already? Wait until you read our last two picks!

Hampi, Karnataka

Another heritage marvel with the ruins from the Vijayanagar Empire, Hampi’s sprawling landscape of enormous boulders, fascinating rock formations and incredible ancient palace and temple ruins making it an unmissable destination for every type of traveller. With rough and dry weathert through most of the year, winters make it pleasant and the right time to travel around in bicycles, and scooters. Visit to the Virupaksha temple, the musuem, Vittala temple, The Royal Center are some of the things that you can see along with losing yourself amongst the ruins of one of The World’s largest and richest kingdoms.

Chennai, Tamilnadu

Another southern destination, that welcomes you with a strong flavour of sambar and filter coffee. The weather being pleasant, during the days and not too chilly nights November - February makes it to the perfect time of travel to Chennai. Along with witnessing the festival of lamps - Karthigai Deepam, end of november and beginning of December also marks the beginning of the carnatic music festival - Margazhi Music Season where you can getto listen to some scintillating musical performances by carnatic musicians from across the coutry. An evening stroll by the Marina Beach, shopping for silk sarees and witnessing some of the oldest temples in Southern India are other interesting things that you can do.

What are you waiting for? Pick your favourite destination, book your tickets and fly off to enjoy a blissful November, while you get ready for the last month of the year!

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