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Celebrate Christmas with New Delhi Airport

Celebrate Christmas with New Delhi Airport

25 December 2018

It's amazing how a simple festival can make a time of what should be doom and gloom so cheerful and lively. Think about it, it's the dead of winter, with the harsh north wind howling outside and bringing its two friends frost and cold with it. Uninvited they come into our homes and places of work to chill us to the bone and make us think twice about stepping outside. Winter shortens our days and lengthens our nights while robbing the world of any hint of greenery it may have had, making life itself look grey and depressed.

And yet, here we have a single festival that manages to overturn all this. A single day, the celebration of which often starts weeks before ends up blowing fresh life back into the season. That day of the course is Christmas.

While the festival is Christian, its celebration cuts across boundaries of religion. Especially in India, people of all religions and creeds gather together to celebrate it. Often many non-Christians go to church to attend the special mass and participate in the general feeling of community and joy that is created by the lights, the displays and of course, the happy Christmas carols.

This year, Delhi Airport continues the tradition of contributing to this spirit of joy and happiness. With state-of-the-art decorations around the airport to give it a cheery and joyful feel, air commuters are sure to feel their spirits uplifted before they lift off. Further, the many festive offers and discount schemes being run by the overwhelming majority of outlets are sure to warm their hearts and bring smiles to their faces.

So this Christmas season, don't let the cold winter get your spirits down. Come on over to Delhi airport and take off in the spirit of the festive season!

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