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Birthright: A glorious ‘Green’ addition to Delhi Airport

Birthright: A glorious ‘Green’ addition to Delhi Airport

November 22, 2022

A repository of nature’s beauty gracing the Delhi Airport, Birthright is a first-of-its-kind brand in India to introduce exotic plants and trees from across the globe. Boasting of an exquisite range of exotic plants and trees, it strives to rejuvenate your home and garden.

There really isn't any corner in your house that an indoor plant can't brighten. All you need is a little air and water, and you get your own blooming indoor paradise. An aesthetically-delighting embellishment for your space, exotic plants foster a bond with nature. Welcoming nature indoors is certainly a great way to bolster a sense of self and positivity.

Gifting an indoor plant to anyone recovering from an illness is a common practice since it is medically proven to expedite the healing process. Boosting your emotional well-being, these plants can invigorate your living space with a therapeutic and mesmerizing sensation.

The scenery of greenery at Delhi Airport

Advocating the concept of green spaces on a large scale, the Delhi Airport premises is garnished with a vast variety of horticulture. With more than 220 gardeners, supervisors and landscape experts who take care of over 6,50,000 winter seedlings, 60,000 potted flower plants spread across the premises, 40,000 indoor plants and a huge nursery, the airport has its own green oasis.

The airport authorities are committed to ensuring that all the travellers experience the most delightful journey. Though for most people, travelling is an exciting activity. However, something as simple as reaching a little late or the fear of heights can affect a person's mood. Hence, the airport has well defined green spaces for creating a welcoming and warm vibe for all the travellers.

Birthright and its green ambassadors of hope

Since time immemorial, our Vedas deem India as a land of vast forests, rich flora and fauna and Ayurvedic herbs with miraculous curative properties. A Birthright that has gradually been taken away with the advent of modern civilization.

Today, this green oasis gracing the Delhi Airport runs on a mission to return your Birthright of clean air, a green world, and healthier living to you through its green ambassadors of hope. Its green catalogue includes some of the most exotic, imported and rare plants, along with seasonal beauties and trees that are over 1100-year-old.

This arbour having a well laid out display centre exhibiting a wide range of exotic plants, is situated on T3 Arrivals Landside, IGI Airport, New Delhi. So, the next time you’re around, breathe a fresh air of hope into your life and redesign it into a lush and exotic existence with Birthright.

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