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Avoiding Air Travel Hassles: Guidelines on Carrying Satellite Phones by Indian Govt

Avoiding Air Travel Hassles: Guidelines on Carrying Satellite Phones by Indian Govt

14th April 2023

We live in a global and interconnected world where numerous people travel internationally every day. Many foreign passengers also come to India for both pleasure and business purposes.

In recent years, many travellers have been debarred from flying because of carrying satellite phones. Since this causes a lot of inconvenience to air passengers, below are the guidelines set by the Government of India with respect to carrying satellite phones while travelling to India.

Let's have a look!

What are the airport policies on carrying satellite phones?

Satellite phones have become an essential tool for staying connected in remote locations or during emergencies where regular communication networks are unavailable. However, travelling with satellite phones can be a tricky affair. Since many foreign countries do not have regulations for carrying satellite phones, many passengers travel with one to India. But carrying satellite phones is NOT permitted while travelling to India.

As per the Indian Government, both Indian and international travellers are prohibited to carry satellite phones like Thuraya and Iridium, without seeking special permission from the Department of Telecommunication, Government of India. Having one on you at any airport in India can get you debarred from flying. This can be a hassle and affect your travel plans. So, domestic flyers and passengers from foreign countries should not have a satellite phone on them when boarding a flight to avoid inconvenience while travelling in India.

To Sum Up

With the increasing global tourism, it has become vital for passengers to be aware of the travel regulations in different countries. The advisory from Govt of India counsels travellers to not fly with satellite phones without prior permission from the Department of Telecommunication, GOI. Following these regulations will ensure safety and hassle-free travel for passengers.

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