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Amazing International Destinations for Female Solo Travellers

Amazing International Destinations for Female Solo Travellers

02 August 2022

It's a lovely experience to travel alone. At times, the best way to fully experience a place is to be all alone. Along the journey, you'll have wonderful experiences, meet fascinating people, and discover a lot about yourself. Finding the right mix between unusual experiences and locations where women can travel without fear is essential for creating lifelong memories as a female traveller. Here is a list of amazing destinations that women can visit solo.

Best International Destinations for Female Solo Travel

  • Greece

Embraced by the Mediterranean vibes, Greece is a stunning place to enjoy your solo traveller moments. From Athens to Crete to Santorini to many more Grecian islands, there is something for everyone, from archaeological sites, museums, beaches, delicious cuisine, and thriving nightlife; you’ll not be in a rush to leave this wonderful place.

  • Finland

Finland, the home of the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun, is the perfect vacation spot for those who love the outdoors. There are numerous more wilderness places, including the region with the most lakes in all of Europe, as well as Lemmenjoki National Park, the largest woodland reserve in Europe.

  • Turkey

A unique culture that reflects both East and West of our Earth is brimming with unforgettable landscapes. From ancient monuments left over from a parade of empires, vibrant culture, sun-soaked Mediterranean landscapes to the arid steppe are scintillating tourist attractions you will find worth experiencing. Well-connected to all the major airport hubs worldwide, you will never run short of seasons to visit Turkey!

  • Singapore

Ideal for female travellers travelling alone. Arriving at Singapore's airport makes you feel as though you've time-travelled fifty years into the future because it is located at the very southernmost point of Malaysia! Singapore alone boasts comforts unmatched by those of most other cities. You could gaze at its glittering skyline for all of eternity. Singapore is a secure city for girls travelling alone. When you need a break, there are many impressive structures and upscale shopping to enjoy.

  • New Zealand

New Zealand, often known as Middle Earth to Lord of the Rings enthusiasts, is a land of unearthly vistas and the ideal vacation spot for anyone who enjoys adventure, sports, nature, or any combination of the three. The two main islands that make up this tiny nation have incredibly diverse landscapes. You can enjoy idyllic beaches, active volcanoes, and vibrant lakes on the North Island. The landscape is very different on the South Island, with snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and an expanse of open water teeming with seals and whales.

  • Switzerland

A country located in the centre of Europe has much more to offer than excellent watchmakers. It is a nation rich in cultural diversity, with a wide range of lovely sights and urban landscapes that gradually give way to spectacular natural ones.

  • Belgium

It is not by accident that Belgium is regarded as a must-visit location in Europe. The nation is a true gem, with a wealth of historical landmarks, first-rate facilities, and numerous other tourist attractions. You may explore the alleys of Brussels and take in the mediaeval architecture, while Bruges has a setting fit for a romantic drama.

  • Japan

In Japan, you can find both extremely cutting-edge technology and customs that date back thousands of years. But there's a lot more to say about this nation. Tokyo, a sprawling metropolis regarded as the world's cleanest and most well-run, must be mentioned and Osaka, a pleasant, modern city with a variety of things to do.

  • Canada

Canada is home to a diverse range of landscapes, including lakes, mountains covered with snow, and woods that have been around for millennia. Its remoteness is particularly beautiful and absolutely worth the journey. Additionally, these cities have a distinctive charm and a multicultural feel.

We hope you found this list of the best places to travel solo as a woman useful and that you will plan your trip soon!

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