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Air Suvidha to make arrival safe and easy for International Arriving Passengers

Air Suvidha to make arrival safe and easy for International Arriving Passengers

07 August 2020

Delhi Airport makes International Arriving process easy by developing a contact-less solution in collaboration with Ministry of Civil Aviation for all passengers coming to India.

We at Delhi Airport, are continuously making the passenger’s journey seamless by introducing contact-less initiatives at all points possible. To make the journey more convenient and comfortable, we have introduced Self-Reporting and Exemption Forms for all International arriving passengers for contact-less and hassle-free journey. Therefore, all international arriving passengers coming to India can apply online through Delhi Airport.

Delhi Airport has developed an online system for passengers to submit mandatory Self-Declaration form / Self-Reporting Form to declare their current health status. There is no such time capping for the Self Reporting Form.

The mandatory self- reporting application will be forwarded to the Airport Health Organisation (APHO) under the Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. Passengers can then refer to their email inbox for the updated application document.

Using the Self Reporting application’s request number, passengers can auto-fill the application for exemption or vice versa.

Passengers can apply online to seek exemption from mandatory Institution Quarantine under five categories

  1. Pregnant women
  2. Suffered a death in the family 
  3. Suffering from serious illness (Description to be provided) 
  4. Parents accompanied by children below 10 years
  5. Covid-19 negative certificate (attach RT PCR test only)

According to the selected category, passengers must also upload the supporting documents:

  1. Pregnant woman - Attach doctor’s recommendation letter
  2. Parents accompanied by children below 10 years - Attach passport copy
  3. Suffering from serious illness - Attach medical certificate
  4. Suffered a death in the family - Attach death/doctor certificate; Family as defined by the Indian Government consists of Spouse, Children, Sibling, Parents & Grandparents only
  5. Attach RT-PCR negative report or a copy of RT-PCR tests where results are awaited

Please note, Exemption Request form to be filled and submitted online with supporting documents 72 hrs before boarding flight. Exemption Requests will be approved or rejected online by respective state authorities.  All International Arriving Passengers with their onward domestic air travel must carry RT-PCR negative report. 

State Authorities at the first port of entry will review exemption requests of all international arriving passengers.

 For example – if you are travelling from New York to Gurgaon or Noida via Delhi, your application will be actioned by Delhi Government. 

If the respective state government approves the application, the passenger shall undergo 14 days home quarantine in the address provided in the form.

If the respective state government rejects the application, the passenger shall undergo the institutional quarantine as per the govt. norms at the approved centre. Refer to the Important Quarantine Guidelines to know more about the institutional quarantine. Passengers can also submit group online requests through the same form for the entire family travelling in the same flight.

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