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Air Connectivity Ranking 2023: Delhi Airport ranked among the Top 10 Airports for Air Connectivity

Air Connectivity Ranking 2023: Delhi Airport ranked among the Top 10 Airports for Air Connectivity

23 May 2024

Delhi Airport’s proud moment has arrived. Securing a spot in the ACI list of Top 10 Airports in Asia Pacific & Middle East, Delhi Airport is reaching for new heights. The Air Connectivity Ranking 2023, released by ACI Asia-Pacific & Middle East in partnership with PwC, provides insights into global airport recovery and growth.

This ranking, endorsed by the ICAO DGCA Conferences, emphasises consumer choices, quality of connections, flight frequency, seat capacity, and the number of destinations. Let’s delve into why this ranking is crucial for Delhi International Airport and what it means for travellers and the region.

Positive Trends in Air Connectivity

The report highlights significant improvements in air connectivity, especially in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific regions. The Middle East is just 5% below its 2019 connectivity levels, while the Asia-Pacific region is making steady progress, now only 13% below 2019 levels. It is a promising sign of recovery and growth for Delhi International Airport.

Delhi International Airport: A Hub of Opportunity

Delhi International Airport, one of the major airports in the Asia-Pacific region, stands to benefit greatly from the insights of this ranking. Several recommendations from this report could help Delhi Airport reach its full potential. While there are many recommendations that it already takes into consideration.

Delhi International Airport has moved up on the ladder of connectivity. One of the initiatives to improve connectivity is taking our total destinations count to 148 globally. The number includes both domestic and international flights.

These flights bring exciting domestic escapes and convenient international connections, helping passengers come closer to home or explore foreign regions with ease.

Reaching 100 million Passenger Capacity

With the enhanced terminal 1, reaching 100 million passenger capacity is a testament to its commitment to infrastructure development. This expansion ensures a smooth and efficient travel experience, solidifying Delhi's position as a premier aviation gateway in Asia-Pacific & Middle East.


The Air Connectivity Ranking 2023 paints an optimistic picture of recovery and growth for airports worldwide. For Delhi International Airport, this ranking underscores the importance of continuing to improve connectivity, infrastructure, and passenger experience.

Delhi International Airport has efficiently enhanced its operation and services; now connecting to 148 national and international destinations. This move has improved connectivity, especially for international passengers.

Stay tuned as we keep you updated on the latest developments and initiatives at Delhi International Airport, ensuring your journeys are always smooth and enjoyable.

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