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Air Ambulance services at Delhi Airport

Air Ambulance services at Delhi Airport

04 June 2021

Delhi Airport is tirelessly supporting the government and the people in its fight against the pandemic at this time of need. One of the essential facets is to provide timely and speedy medical assistance through impeccable Air Ambulance services at the Airport for safe and quick transportation of COVID-19 patients.

Delhi Airport's General Aviation Terminal and dedicated Aircrafts Parking Apron have been highly instrumental in ferrying patients in the quickest time for proper treatment and later shifting them to their native places.

Onboard Procedure

Onboard, COVID patients are kept in isolation pods. Under the current circumstances, these patients are restricted to be accompanied only by a doctor, a paramedical officer and a nurse. These are certified doctors trained to handle critical care while flying.

While handing Air Ambulance flights, airside Follow-Me inspectors escort the outside ambulance vehicles from airside gates up to the respective aircraft parking bays/apron and vice-versa.

Staff Facilitation

The Aircraft operators, which operate the Air Ambulance services, are provided with complete facilitation services by Fixed-Base Operators (FBO) and the airport's operational team as per the requirements.

Often these flights are activated at very short notice (sometimes even in an hour); thus, the airport team and FBO staff are operating 24x7 with a backup plan of workforce and resources to handle such Air Ambulance flights on priority.

The FBO team provide vehicles for transporting crew and medical team/equipment and also facilitates the movement of ambulance services. They also facilitate the process of arranging airside vehicle entry permits for any ambulances coming from outside.

Sanitisation and Precaution

Sanitisation of the ambulance aircraft prior to each movement and dedicated passage for COVID patients is ensured by respective agencies so that these services are conducted in the safest and most efficient manner at the Airport. Regular fumigation of the premises and use of particular garbage bins for used PPE kits are also ensured.

The dedicated staff deployed for the above purpose follows all the precautionary protocols to comply with COVID-19 safety measures, like wearing PPE kits, gloves, masks, etc., while handling emergency activities such as Air Ambulance service at Delhi Airport.

Keeping in view the need of the hour in these trying times, Delhi Airport continues to provide emergency handling services for facilitating the movement of medical aircrafts across the nation and overseas. Air Ambulance service is provided to all major Indian airports and several International destinations like Germany, Dubai, Zurich, Kathmandu, Dhaka, etc.

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