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8 Helpful Tips to Beat the Summer Heat while Travelling

8 Helpful Tips to Beat the Summer Heat while Travelling

8th June 2023

While summer vacations present a golden opportunity to explore the world and check-out new destinations, wandering around in summer heat is not easy.

The heatwaves during the summer make you feel miserable, and the increased humidity leading to feelings of stickiness, tiredness, and irritation can dampen your travel spirits.

Dehydration because of the sweltering sun doesn’t help and may even affect your health and well-being during vacation.

Thus, here are a few tips to beat the summer heat so you can enjoy your summer holidays and travel. Let’s have a look!

How can you survive the unbearable heat when travelling during summer?

1. Stay hydrated and have plenty of liquids

One of the most necessary steps to beat the summer heat while travelling is to stay hydrated. Try drinking plenty of liquids, most importantly water and carry a small bottle with you at all times.

While drinks like alcohol, tea, or coffee should be avoided, fruits with high water content, like watermelon, help maintain the water content in the body.

If you are travelling via Delhi Airport this summer, you can try cool and refreshing drinks, like juices, to stay hydrated during your journey. Check out the Eat and Dine section at Delhi Airport to know where you can find refreshments of your choice.

2. Wear light-coloured and loose clothes

The blistering heat from the sun can make you sweat profusely while travelling. To deal with this, you should pack light colours. Pink, blue, white, and green are a few options.

When picking your outfits for travelling, another thing you should consider is the fabric. Opt for light and loose-fitting cotton clothes or synthetic fabrics designed to wick sweat. The goal is to ensure that perspiration evaporates quickly.

To help you stay cool and pick the right clothing, Delhi Airport has various shopping outlets. You can visit one of the stores of your choice to pick the perfect clothes for travelling in the heat.

3. Eat light meals

Eating heavy meals in summer can generate heat and make you feel uncomfortable. When you have a large meal, your body has to work harder to digest and metabolise the contents. It increases the core temperature and makes you sweaty and lethargic.

To avoid this, you are advised to have light and freshly cooked local meals when travelling in summer. Opt for local foods with high water content, like tropical fruit salads or ice-cold sorbets. If you are on the lookout for something to have during the journey, check out the numerous eateries at the Delhi Airport for fresh, delicious, and light meals.

4. Seek Shade

When exploring your destination, make it a point to seek shade during the hottest parts of the day. Plan your activities around the cooler mornings and evenings, and take breaks in shady spots or outdoor cafes to relax and recharge during the daytime.

If you have a transit flight from Delhi Airport, you can also consider seeking accommodation at the Holiday Inn Express at Terminal 3. The stay has air-conditioned rooms to offer relaxation from the summer heat.

5. Make a cold compress

If you find it hard to cool yourself because of the heat, wet a towel with cold water or get an ice bag. Place it on your forehead, the back of your neck, or your wrists while you wander around exploring a new destination. It will ensure quick cooling and comfort from the summer heat.

6. Enjoy a vacation in the hills

If you want a break from the summer heat, one way to refresh and stay cool is to go on a vacation to the mountains. The temperature in these regions is comparatively low, which ensures a welcome respite from the heat.

Travel lovers can fly via Delhi Airport, connecting 142 destinations across the world, to one of these hilly destinations with low temperatures for a pleasing vacation experience.

Pro-tip: If you are flying to the hills for a family trip, travel worry-free without stressing over your luggage with Delhi Airport's Excess Baggage Delivery Service.

7. Spray your body with cold water

Another simple way to beat the summer heat while travelling is to spray yourself with water. You can fill a spray bottle with water and store it in the refrigerator. When you go out, take it with you and give yourself a good misting when you feel excessively hot.

Thermal cooling will ensure that as the water evaporates, it offers a cooling effect. For quick relief from the heat, you should begin by misting your wrists. It will cool the blood flowing through the veins.

8. Take a Dip

If you are visiting a beach destination, take full advantage of the sparkling blue waters. Dive into the sea or lounge by the poolside to beat the heat.

If that is not possible, you can take a dip in the pool after you return to your hotel. Taking a swim in the cold water will ensure instant relief from the summer heat.

While travelling during the bright and sunny days is pleasing, the sweltering and overbearing heat during the summer can dampen your travel spirits. So, follow these tips for a pleasing experience!

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